Motivation Guide

When you are down in the dumps and everything seems to go haywire, a simple 4-syllable word can come to the rescue-Motivation. Motivation is something that can drive a person towards heights they never thought they could reach. That is until they find the source of that inspiration.


Motivation can come from all sorts of sources, some expected, and some unexpected. Looking at a fellow colleague who is striving hard to reach his target for the day is the most obvious if you are looking for motivation at work. Looking at your spouse or partner while they manage a fine-tuned balance between work and home can inspire you to help them with household chores.
Whatever the task at hand, look at how finishing it will make you feel once it’s finished. Not only will you feel proud of yourself, you will no longer be bogged down by it. If it is a part of a long term goal that you strive to attain, finishing it will make you feel more energized. Sometimes a little fear can be an excellent source of motivation. Understand the consequences of avoiding tasks for later. If you don’t know where to start, start with what looks most appealing at the time. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

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