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A guide to role of motivation in life

Role of Motivation in Life

Motivation is the driving force behind everything you do in your life. If you do not work towards your goals, nothing can help you realize your dreams in life. Right from your everyday routine to the big goals that change your life forever, motivation has a crucial role to play. Motivation is important for all individuals in their personal as well as professional life. Life could move in an altogether different direction if you are not motivated to live a life you always wanted to live. Motivation gives you the strength to move on in life.

Motivation keeps people going in life. The role of motivation in life is unquestionable and unparalleled. Motivation plays a different role in the lives of different people. One can find it in any form, shape, and size. But beyond all of this, motivation still remains a common thread that runs under the fabric of life. And hence, it is crucial to understand the role of motivation in people’s lives – at least, in your own life. This article goes into detail about the same. Read on to know more.

Motivation strengthens your efforts

Motivation strengthens your efforts

Motivation is actually based on so many different factors that include your experiences, relationships, fears, insecurities and the support of your loved ones. You cannot motivate yourself if you do not accept the reality that helps you get into action to change your corner of the world. When you keep yourself aware of the results that can ease the pain, it is easier to stay motivated during the course of achieving your goals.

Realize The Importance Of The Person “You” Are


A human being is the most self-concerned species existing on the earth. Somewhere inside we all know that we would not take up any task, even that of living in this world if we do not have some driving force that keeps us all moving ahead. However, in the midst of inspiring others and expecting kind words from our loved ones, we often forget that no other person can drive us to do anything in life unless our inner self does not thrive to do that particular thing. Thus, motivation or self-motivation inculcates that passion in us that is required to ‘live’ and not just ‘survive’ in this world.

Having said that, the question is still intact that how could a person really motivate himself? Well, here are some basic dos that will help you discover your inner strength of motivation and will help you to let go and keep moving:

Dream without precincts

Dream without precincts

Every new destination emerges from a dream. If you do not fantasize about the things that you want to happen, you would never thrive to accomplish them. One needs to have a goal in life in order to grab it. Can you imagine reaching the stars, when actually you have never seen them? Certainly not! You should have something to eye upon in before you plan to claim it. However, just daydreaming would not land you at your destination. Your dream should be feasible enough and set without keeping any boundaries in mind. Just set yourself free and live your dream!

Take baby steps towards your goal

They say that it is always good to set big goals in life but at the same time, it is also true that you must start small. Set goals that you can achieve easily so that you can keep yourself motivated and keep moving forward an upwards in life. Goals with moderate difficulty level keep you focused which eventually help you set big goals and achieve them.

Have a thirst

race for your destination

Imagine that you are damn hungry and someone told you that you ‘might’ find an eating junction a few miles away. Wouldn’t you still go searching for it even if you are not sure that the place actually exists or not? The same goes for life. Have a cause that really matters to you, about which you really care and then you would certainly race for your destination. Never let that hunger deprive of you as it would become your ultimate motivation towards every dream you visualize. The role of motivation in life is to induce this thirst in you.

Motivation and self-esteem

Motivation and self-esteem

Human beings are born with a desire to get respect from others around them. Psychologists believe that you can never be truly happy until you show your best to your loved ones and others around you. It is good to get an acceptance from others but you must put in your best efforts to get the best results. Lack of self-esteem can give birth to an inferiority complex that can take your life in the wrong direction. Accept and acknowledge your true strengths to grab every single opportunity that comes your way.

Take that one extra step

No path is going to be free of stones

No path is going to be free of stones. Once you start walking, you will have to face the obstacles that come your way. But, the true spirit is in overcoming those hurdles and not feeling lost to them. Remember! You have a destination to reach and the hurdles are only going to make you more determined. Just think of taking one more step that would bring you a little closer to your purpose. In case you feel tired or deflated by the difficulties, just pause and have a look at the journey you have completed so far. You will definitely feel motivated realizing the barriers you have crossed till now!

Whenever, along the journey of your life, you feel that disheartened or dejected just remember one thing- even if no soul on this earth lends a supporting hand towards you, there is one person who would never leave your side- Yes, its You! Never underrate the value of being with one’s own self because in this entire universe, if there is that one human being who would not ditch you under any circumstances then it’s your own Inner Being. Let yourself motivate ‘you’ and get ready to face everything and anything in life with a positive attitude and smile!

Are you waiting for motivation to strike?


Getting something done when you are in a mood to do it may not lead to task accomplishment. While motivation drives you, it keeps you tied to your moods and feelings. On the other hand, you can ignore the dependence on your feelings to complete a task if you have disciplined yourself. Let us tell you how discipline and not motivation can be of long-term help in achieving success.

Motivation versus discipline

Many of you may be turning to the Internet and other sources where you may find motivational quotes, videos, and stuff like that. Does it ignite a spark in you that leads you to decide on reaching peak performance? If your answer is yes, then you are right. Motivation gives you an instant spark to start planning to reach your goals. However, you keep waiting for the right mood to implement your plans, and your motivation dies down by that time.

Then, you are left with the same schedule. Your plans do not turn into actions and you need a dose of motivation once again. This refreshment cycle may carry on and on. As against motivation, discipline may demand you to take actions even if you are not motivated or eager to act. Discipline is not a mood or situation dependent. If you are disciplined, then consistent motivation can be observed in all your actions and behavioral aspects.

Which way is better to go

While we cannot rule out the benefits of motivation that triggers you immediately, it is a better choice to go the disciplined way. Motivation can only be a catalyst to help you plan and introduce discipline in your life. Sadly, in many cases, it makes a person a procrastinator who keeps on waiting for the right moment to be more productive. Thus, it is best to cut down the connection between feelings and actions if you really have to achieve your goals. Adopting discipline can buzz and energize you, as well as make you eager in some time.

How to start with some discipline

As discipline can bring to you long-term and consistent results, it is good to start disciplining your life as early as possible. To cultivate it, you do not need to take a long jump. Simply start by developing small and manageable habits. Even if it is about gathering momentum to take a cold water bath that you usually avoid, you should make it a habit. After you are able to make such little changes by disciplining minor aspects, you should keep moving to bigger challenges and making bigger changes in your life.

When you accomplish one small task through discipline, you will receive positive feedback that will be sufficient to keep you driven. Thus, it will build a loop of positive feedback for you, completely independent of your moods or feelings. As an example, you may discipline yourself to not consuming junk food and making your own healthy meal. Preparing your meal once will give a boost to your ego, which will keep you driven to prepare more complex meals and then trying new cooking techniques.

Thus, it will build a positive feedback loop for you, with small victories at the start and bigger ones later. Discipline also gives a feeling of accomplishment when you make less time for activities or things that make you lazy. It is very important to be accountable to yourself and make no excuses if you want to be disciplined. Soon, you will find that you are not giving in to your urges and pushing yourself beyond perceived limits. 

While motivation ignites your engine, discipline drives it in the right direction, without depending on feelings. Develop discipline by taking one step at a time.

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