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How to unlock your true potential and live a great life

unlock your true potential

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

― William Faulkner

Ask yourself a question, are you giving your 100% in whatever you are doing? Be it trying to achieve something or taking some time out of your schedule to rest. Everything counts and makes a major difference when we put in our full potential in anything we do.

The only regret that you might have later on in life is that you didn’t try hard enough. If you gave it your best shot, then it will not matter if you have failed to achieve anything substantial, you won’t die of regret. You must knock the right doors within you to give your absolute execution in everything you do. In this article, you will find 5 highly effective tips to unlock your true potential, followed by 10 ways to counter your surroundings.

1.  How To Understand your True Self ?

2. Emotions, feelings are not always right

3. Why to not entertain resentments, drop them instead?

4. How positivity plays an important part to stay focused?

5. Why is it important to set routine to helps one re-examine potential?


1.  How To Understand your True Self ?

dominance of others

As we do not seriously take time to understand our true self, our sense of individuality and integrity of effort might become extinct. Often times, we push ourselves into a lifestyle that never belonged to us or represented our truest self. We are so prone to external influences that our individuality starts accepting dominance of others’ opinions. Accordingly, the entire decision-making process suffers since we are never proactive enough to attest what we are and how our opinion could make the difference.

Each one of us is born with great capabilities, peculiar to us only. We cannot afford to accept the dominance of external influences to such an extent that they start downplaying the qualities or gifts we were born with; instead, what we should do is try to find out how external influences could help us in exploring our potential. When we start putting faith in our inborn capabilities, we focus on bringing them to the fore instead of worrying about qualities that we lack.

Unlocking your potential or realizing your capabilities never means that you start thinking highly of your peculiar attributes. This realization, instead, should make you more humble yet perfectly confident than you were ever before. Do not allow your attitude to rule your mind. If you are doing it, you seriously need to reevaluate your position. Remember that the world does not owe you anything; instead, you need to earn a living and respect by constantly brushing your capabilities. Attitude means nothing unless you can match it with your actions.

2. Emotions, feelings are not always right

Emotions, feelings are not always right

Our emotions and feelings collectively play a major role in shaping some part of our persona. However, at times, we display a mental bent toward considering our emotions and feelings as final. Then again, it would be injudicious to ignore our emotions completely; instead, we should develop an understanding to find a middling ground between emotions and reality. Directing our efforts based on feelings would always give an unfocused effort, as feelings keep on changing. We should only direct our efforts towards a well thought out goals, which do not change frequently.

3.Why to not entertain resentments, drop them instead?


You will not find even a single individual on the face of this planet who is contented with everything he or she has experienced in his or her life. We do have our resentments toward our partners, peers, parents, relatives, and so on. If we wish to lead a fulfilling life, we do need to drop resentments that take up too much of psychic space and do not allow us to work properly.

Imagine yourself carrying a huge bag weighing kilos. Will you be able to walk faster when you have it or when you don’t have it? It is absolutely necessary to drop off the burden in order to move ahead swiftly. Once you are able to drop off the burden, you will feel lighter than ever before. Nonetheless, we cannot drop accumulating resentments unless we prepare ourselves mentally to do it.

4. How positivity plays an important part to stay focused?

Positivity is the key to stay focused 

Each one of us feels pangs of negativity haunting us when any of our endeavors fail to get the desired response. Some of us cannot take failure in the same fashion as the people who succeeded ultimately take it. We should accept failure as gracefully as we enjoy our success. Everyone fails at something. Despite failures, we do need to stay positive in our approach to further stay focused on the task. While negativity would discourage our attempts to accomplish a goal, positivity helps us in devising new and improved ways of reaching the destinations. Hopelessness and helplessness is bound to make us more depressed unless we gear ourselves up to try afresh.

5. Why is it important to set routine to helps one re-examine potential?

find new talents and skills

You might find this statement too confusing since one would consider potential as something related to one’s mental or physical strengths, which has nothing to do with following a routine. Allow me to explain it. As we start maintaining good habits and stick to a set routine, things start falling into place naturally. It further allows us sufficient time to improvise on how we were doing all that stuff thus far. We get closer to our truest self. When we can establish a connection with our conscience and start imploring our capabilities, we can reexamine our potential to find new talents and skills coming to the fore.

However, at certain times, you might find that the external circumstances are dragging you down. At such times, you can rely on the following 10 principles to level yourself.

1. How To Love yourself ?

Love yourself

Start loving yourself for who you are. Acceptance is the key. It does not matter if you are fat or skinny, rich or poor. You certainly want to change so many things about yourself but accepting yourself will give you the strength to living up to your potential. Acceptance will help you take the first step towards progressing. Loving yourself will make sure you always progress.

2. Do not suppress your feeling

Do not suppress your feeling

Suppressing your feelings makes you feel incomplete and empty. It just temporarily gets rid of the feelings and urges. These are ought to come up after a limit.  Do not starve yourself to get into perfect shape since perfection lies nowhere. Don’t suppress your desires or any emotions. Getting them out of your system is very important. Do what you love to do the most. Try to nourish your body and soul with things you love to do.

3. How To Know who you really are

Know who you really are

It is so dramatic that we try to look for ourselves into books. Dedicate time for yourself. Prioritizing yourself does not mean being selfish. It is self-care. Indulge in knowing about yourself, your interests, likes and dislikes. This would let you get close to you and make you perform better in life. Would you be able to describe yourself in five simple sentences? If the answer is no then you have to start introspecting.

4. It’s you life

Take suggestions but make sure to choose what you want

Control your life yourself. Do not let people tell you what to do, what not to do. Take suggestions but make sure to choose what you want. Don’t let anybody else take control of your decisions because you have to live with them. If you keep living your life under obligations and expectations, you would end up as an incomplete person. You should know what you have to do in your life. Do what your heart says, not what social desirability is or what people around you expect you to do.

5. Trust

Learn to trust yourself

Learn to trust yourself and your gut feelings. Your subconscious knows what you want and what you need. It constantly keep dropping hints at you.  When you have a firm belief in life, you feel relaxed and know that everything is going to be alright. Let time take care of it. Do not force things, as it would only leave you disappointed. Believe in giving your best day in day out, life would become so easy. Remember, things happen at the right time, not before, nor after.

6. How To Express your inner feelings?

Express your inner feelings

People like it or not, express your inner feelings and let them know your opinion. Let go of the fear of not getting acceptance, if their acceptance comes at a price of your own happiness. Unless you put forth your opinions, you will not understand if they are applicable or not. You have to accept the fact that certain things will not be easily get approval but that does not mean you stop. Keep trying, run your thoughts

7. Come out of your shell

Come out of your shell

Remember coming out of your safe zone would solve all the issues of your life. Show the courage to take challenges in life since all those who take challenges in life live happily. They live their dreams. If you doubt yourself, everyone does it at some point but do not let this self-doubt become a part of your personality.

8.How To Be your best friend

Self-talk works wonders

Be your best friend and guide yourself. Self-talk works wonders. Tell yourself positive things and make yourself a winner in life.

9. How To Move on

Work towards your goals

Do not expect a miracle. Work towards your goals. The progress graph should always keep going up. Take it easy and enjoy the ride your ride to success.

10. How To Make your sorrow your strength?


Do not let your sorrows and regrets make you weak but learn to convert them into your strengths. Make them a source of your strength.

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