How to deal with stress at school as student and as teacher

stress at school as student and as teacher

When they have to deal with school stress, children tend to take their school life seriously, in turn adversely affecting their health. Remember, if you do not control stress at the right time, stress will start controlling you. Check out the easy ways to deal with stress at school.


How to deal with School Stress When you are a Student


1. Preserve your perspective and be organized

Remember to never let your world come crashing down just because you have not completed your homework, or submitted your assignment after the due date. Homework assignments are not so essential to your health. Never feel overstressed about simple assignments. Always concentrate on doing your homework effectively, giving it all your best rather than pressurizing yourself to do it perfectly. By organizing yourself and following a regular schedule, you can overcome stress at school. Keep your books and other assortments well stacked and neat. Manage different folders for each class, which will keep your assignments clear and help you quickly find your information when doing your homework. Lack of organization can lead to building up stress and cause you to take a longer duration of time to complete your assignment.


2. Prioritize and sustain your focus

Manage a simple chart of when your assignments are due and how much time will you take to complete each. Accordingly, plan a schedule prioritizing the tasks that are important right on top of your to-do task list. Always ensure large assignments, which consume a considerable amount of time and quick assignments, which you can do immediately are right on top of your task list. Make a pledge to yourself to follow your schedule strictly, as this will help you efficiently maintain your schoolwork and hand over your assignments in time. Study in a place where there are minimum distractions around. Try not to get distracted with things happening around you, instead concentrate on your assignment and stay focused. Preserve your focus to help yourself complete your assignments, which in turn will help you in reducing your stress levels.


3. Say ‘no’ when required and try to get extensions if needed

It can be difficult at times, but it’s the time you start to learn how to say ‘no’ to your friends and family if their plans tend to interfere with your studies. It does not mean that you should be rude to them, instead give them an explanation of why you cannot join them or cannot do the work, they have asked you to do. Yes, they will be disheartened but will also understand your plight. Whereas in school the scenario is different. You cannot ignore your submissions for any of the assignments assigned to you, but you can surely try to ask for extensions, an additional time to submit your homework. Your teacher may allow you to submit it late with a penalty of course. However, if you are lucky you might get away with the penalty as well.


4. Take breaks to bust your stress

You do not need to be studying like a geek just to get your assignments done. Take a break after every 45 minutes while doing your homework. Get up and stretch yourself, go for a short walk, drink water, or just simply relax, this will help you get refreshed and clear your mind. Even 5-10 min breaks in between while working on your assignments can give you the much-needed relief from building up unnecessary stress. Distress yourself in the evening just before you go to bed, by indulging things you love doing. Relax your mind when you are off to bed and let the sleep do its work.


5. Try teamwork if self-help is not enough

Form a study group with your fellow classmates to avoid studying alone. You will notice when you work in a team you are sure to accomplish more in a shorter period. Consult your respective teacher before forming a team to work on a similar given assignment. If you receive permission, then choose a topic you think you can handle efficiently and delegate the rest to others in your team. This way you can learn about your preferred topic with interest and can complete your assignment as well. Another advantage is that you will finish the assignment quicker and will have time left for other assignments and social activities.


6. Get rid of peer pressure

Most of your friends can allure you for spending a lot of money on the exclusive dresses or accessories which can be a burden on your parents or may exceed your pocket money. Just think logically whether you need them to keep up with the Jones or you require them honestly. If you are unable to resist yourself, try to convince your parents about the urgency of buying them and discuss the problem with them so that they can feel your anguish of peer pressure. If you can make up with your friends and can ignore their remarks and build up a better pastime than visiting night clubs or throwing parties, you would never be prey to stress and strain.


7. Plan your schedules

Planning your schedules plays a very significant role in dealing with stress because you can suffer physically as well as mentally if you don’t follow a proper time schedule. You must fix a time table for all your activities. If you like to study at night, you must sleep in the daytime so as to avoid falling sick because sleep is vital for good health. And if you are not regular in your studies and try to gulp down the whole syllabus in a day or two before your exams, it would play havoc with your health. Not only sleeping is important, but your diet also has an important role to keep you fit. A nutritious and healthy diet is a must for avoiding stress and that too at a fixed hour. So eat, drink and be merry but not without planning.


8. Build up your confidence, shun your weaknesses

It happens with many who are ridiculed for their bulging belly or skinny figure. Some are also made fun of their lanky awkwardness whereas some are victimized for their short stature. While walking on the road, the taller ones try to hide by squatting and the shorter ones try to build up their height by wearing high heels. If you have any such delicacy, just throw it out of your mind and try to excel in singing, dancing, painting, writing stories or novels or anything of which you are passionate. If you are keen on sports and games, improve your strengths so that you can win any race or challenge. Why do you bother about others? Just be confident and meet each and every challenge because what you have within yourself can never be reproduced by others. Everyone is unique and has some hidden potentiality, which can always be utilized in a better manner.


9. Have a positive attitude

This is going to help for the entire lifetime, whatever the case may be, whatever your profession may be. Positive thinking and optimistic attitude always go hand in hand and have had various success stories associated with them. Always take things in a positive manner while you are in your high school. Have confidence in yourself and think in a way that if the other guy can do better in the same subjects, why can’t you. Have faith in yourself and go for it! Positive attitude brings out confidence and half the battle is won when you are confident enough to do something for your future and career improvement.


10. Be a master of all trades

They have said it rightly that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t ever be Jack. Study and pay attention to what you study when you make the schedule for it and play when you are supposed to play. Don’t mix the two; enjoy each one of them in their own schedule and time. Both are important for your success, health and career. Doing so would bring a light of confidence in you and reduce stress to a larger extent. If you just concentrate on your studies or for that matter only on playing, you would not gain much but lose something much important. Peace of mind should always be there and rejuvenation is the best thing to do so.


11. Set clear goals

Balance each day by equal amounts of study, playing games, entertainment with friends and family and many other social activities. Set goals for yourself as they would make targets more clear and magnify your potential to a larger extent. Decide, schedule, and make sure that a certain goal is to be achieved in the set time frame. Work towards it with full concentration and confidence and achieve that success in life, which you have always been yearning for. Don’t just dream, wake up and set a schedule to make those dreams come true for you. Following these schedules would reduce the stress from your high school life instantly.


How to deal with School Stress When you are a Teacher


1. Get an adequate amount of sleep

This is the best way to deal with stress. Sleep can do wonders. It relaxes the body and the mind and rejuvenates you. Sleep for 7-8 hours daily at night and this will help you cope with stress and you will feel less irritable and tense. Sleep helps the stress hormone levels in your body to return to normal and so the body repairs itself when you sleep. A normal adult needs 8 hours of sleep daily. It’s not just the number of hours that you sleep but also the quality of sleep that you have also mattered. To have good sleep at night try changing the environment in your bedroom. Lighting should be dim, the air or scent in the bedroom should be pleasant, try scented candles. It will provide relaxation and relieve stress. Have a bedtime routine, sleep at the same time every day. After some time your body will be accustomed to this. This way you can sleep well and relieve yourself of stress.


2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best stress management strategies. When you exercise hormones called endorphins are released into the body. They boost the body naturally. They give the body a feeling of happiness and positive well being. Also, exercise can help take the mind of your problems. Exercise improves your immunity to stress. Research shows that people who exercise regularly are less prone to stress than those who do not.


3. Try meditation

Meditation is becoming popular these days because of increasing stress levels among all the age groups. There is a benefit beyond just a more relaxed body, stress relief meditation can help you identify stress triggering emotions and control them. Meditation helps relieve stress and its symptoms, gives a deeper sense or relaxation, improves emotional stability. All you need to do is sit in a crossed leg sitting position with your arms resting on your knees. You can either have your eyes open or closed. Sit for 20 minutes silently without any disturbance and try to concentrate on your pattern of breathing. This way you will relax and your stress will be relieved and you will feel much better.


4. Work on time management

It is a known fact that most of the students get anxious and disturbed with that workload which is to be finished within a certain time frame. Such circumstances usually lead to cramming and unsuccessful outputs which only add up to more trouble for them. Therefore, it is really important to help out students in organizing their time in a much better, planned, and effective manner. This way they won’t face any problems during their exams or while submitting the important assignments in time.


5. Set some goals for students

Setting goals is usually stressful for a student. However, if such goals are set in a way that seems to be more attainable and realistic, it can boost the power of motivation in students. By setting such goals for them, you would rather develop a platform to look forward and work in an improvised manner rather than a stressful one. This helps stressed students to actually relax and enjoy their time well. Please make sure that you set certain goals for them which are easy to achieve rather than those hefty difficult ones. You can definitely increase the magnitude of such goals once a student attains that level of self-confidence and motivation.


6. Develop healthy habits in students

This is really important as they rightly say ‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.’ Being healthy plays a vital role in managing stress among students. If you develop a sense of a healthy lifestyle in stressed students, they would definitely feel good about themselves and complete their tasks more effectively. You can start with healthy habits like going out for a morning walk or jogging, playing different games like football, cricket, badminton and eating well as well as healthy. This would refresh their mind, body, and soul, thus keeping them miles away from stress and boredom.

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