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Sometimes saying no is the best thing you can do

saying no is the best thing you can do

Most of the times, a person belongs to either of the two categories. Either he or she usually asks others to do some favors and gets many no’s in return or someone asks him or her to do a favor, and he or she cannot say no to them. If you are involved in either of the two cases, it is bound to affect your self-esteem. You need to learn how to say no and you need to also learn how to bear when someone says no to you. No matter on what side you are on, here are 6 reasons why sometimes saying no is the best thing you can do.

6 – Reasons why saying no can be better than saying yes

As human beings we all tend to expect a lot from the people around us. All is usually well till the other person listens to us and is willing to do things our way, or there is a way which keeps both parties happy. The problem starts coming in when there is a conflict. A negative response from the other person can be a big problem to handle. Making this as a base to spoil relationships is not a good idea and one has to have a positive approach to the situation and life. One of the brightest things in this scenario is that when someone says no, you do the thing on your own and you are bound to learn something from the experience.

1. A No Is Helpful

A No Is Helpful

A no should never be taken as an offence, instead it should be seen as an opportunity to do the task on your own. Usually we ask someone to do the work if we think we are incapable of doing it or we thing it is too difficult for us. But when someone says no we do intend to make an effort and doing it on our own. This is the most beautiful aspect of this. An Opportunity!! This no will push you to broaden your horizons and try a little more to do the work on your hands. This gives the needed push and helps us break barriers to do the work we thought we would not be able to do.

2. Effect of Life

Anything that happens in your life is bound to affect you and what comes out of it always depends on how we decide to handle the situation. By changing the negatives into the positives, we can easily make ourselves happy. A small change in behaviour will always help you in finding happiness even in situations which bother you. Every situation which is not in our favour or happens the way we do not like it should be taken as a challenge as this takes us a very long way in life.

3. Take It as a Challenge

Take It as a Challenge

All things which are difficult in life should be taken as a challenge. We tend to put off all the things we find difficult and find a way that someone else will do it for us. We should stop procrastinating and delaying these things and should use them to our advantage. A really tough task can inspire us and make you more efficient and productive. A challenging job will make all other things around you much easier and once you do it successfully you surely will have a new level of confidence which will make you take up other challenges in life.

4. Be Confident

It is the confidence levels that help in all aspects of life. When we take up new tasks and are able to successfully complete it definitely increases our confidence levels. This makes us believe that we can do anything that we are determined to do. Confidence is a very important part of our life. If you notice a child usually is very confident but as we grow old we make mistakes and take some wrong decisions and due to these we stop believing in ourselves and the confidence levels go down. Taking up challenges like these is important as this helps us in believing in ourselves.

There can be many reasons why our confidence levels go down. It might happen when someone criticizes us or there are negative people in life. It can also happen when we are not able to do things and think we are not able to do as we are not capable. This is when we tend to pile on the work to others. In these times when someone says no we should take it on ourselves and work. This makes us do things easily and makes us self independent.

5. Self Reliant


When we can develop our ability to work in difficult situations we become self reliant. We not only contribute to the world we live in but also to our little world. Doing difficult things will increase our self worth and also our self esteem. Learning is a good thing and learning curve should never go down. Goals should be high in life and meeting them should be taken as a challenge. Giving work to others all the time is not good and all work should be done so that we know.

6. Not to Depend On Anybody

When we do not depend on anyone we never have the risk of anyone saying no to us. We do not need other people at all. We will be happy and have a positive approach for everything in life.

When someone says no to us we should be positive and take it as a challenging task and work diligently to achieve the targets. Rather than keeping bad feelings about people who refused work we should thank them as they give us the opportunity to do it on our own. This is very good for our development and growth. So we should be thankful to all those people in life who said no to us and made us smarter and better human beings. Albert Einstein also said the same, I am Thankful for All of Those who Said No to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it Myself.

A Positive Approach


A positive approach in life is very important and this is important to accomplish anything and take us to higher goals. The key to being successful in life is a positive approach which will give us the mindset to do anything we want to. Taking positive things from anything that negative that happens to us is very essential as this makes us stronger and takes us to greater heights in life. So think positive and never have bad feelings for anybody who said no to you for anything.

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