Stressful things and feelings that people harbor and make their lives miserable

Life is full of difficulties and stressful events. You identify the sources of stress and start working on them to relax your mind. However, there are certain sources of stress that you hardly recognize let alone working on them or trying to get rid of them. With time, they become a part of your everyday life and you learn to live with them day in day out. You do not even realize that they are harmful for your thoughts and level of motivation too. Here are a few of them:

Self-deprecating thoughts

Self-deprecating thoughts

Self-deprecating thoughts are the creation of your own mind more often or instigate from someone else’s opinion about you. Such thoughts not only affect your ability to work effectively but are harmful for your self-confidence too. It becomes difficult for you to face your problems head on and the result is frustration and disappointment with life as a whole. Change these thoughts with positive self-talk that encourages you to be yourself and give your best.

Present preoccupied with a painful past


Each one of us has memories that hinder the way to success or make us feel low. Those who move on in life and do not let their past affect their present live a happy life. You can never live a life you wish to live if you can’t get rid of your painful past. It may be difficult but not impossible for sure. Once you are able to live in present, you can use the learning to turn yourself into a better person.

Being too busy to appreciate life


Your work may be your priority but this is not everything you need in life. You may have a dream to be a good provider to your family and working hard is quite a necessity. However, the fact if that life is what you make it, make time to enjoy yourself and live life the way it comes. Give preference to your work and success but not at the cost of your family and relationships.

Lack of personal responsibility

 live life own way

No one can change your life but you, if you fail to take the responsibility than you simply have to roll with the punches, which takes success and happiness miles away from you. Take control of your life in your own hands and live the way you always wanted to live. Life comes only once; do not take things for granted.

An obsession with control


One must not try to control the uncontrollable since it gives you only disappointment. Believe in giving your best shot and leave the rest. If you are moving in right direction, you can take the liberty to walk slowly since you would reach your destination eventually.

Feeling jealous of others or guilty


When you envy others, you do not harm them but yourself. The negativity once entered in your life can prove to be destructive for you. Learn to appreciate other people when they achieve success in life. They may be helpful or if nothing else, they would surely pray for your success.

Not appreciating what you have while you have it

 Succesful woman

It is human nature, instead of being thankful for what we have we keep running after things we desire. It is good to seek growth but do not forget to appreciate what you have with you. If you make a list, you would find that you already have what you need to be happy in life.

Do not let the negativity of everyday life steal your happiness since your attitude to approach things determines your happiness. Do not try to make your life perfect but learn to appreciate the happy moment that pass by you.

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