Lower and logical expectations can help you find a happier life

Expectations may be a root cause of your grievances. At times when you are unable to meet your elaborate expectations, you get frustrated and go low in life. However, your life may become happier if you expect less and have some belief in your luck too. When you expect to be happy from external sources, you may sometimes feel emptiness inside. To avoid this, it is important to search within yourself for true happiness. If you expect less from achieving a goal, then you are less likely to be disappointed of the results. Here are some ways to help you avoid over-expectation and get more out of life.

Avoid extra planning in life

Avoid extra planning

Our real life experiences may not always match our expectations and plans. While it is good to plan the achievement of your goals, it is best to avoid planning your life too much. If you do over-planning, then you may not foresee all kinds of obstructions you may face on the path of your life. Your plans may fail on encountering something unexpected and that may make you sad and demotivated. Thus, simply stay positive and believe that your little planning will help you to be successful.

Frame short-term plans

Frame short-term plans

When you plan over short durations, you can achieve your goals more effectively. However, creating long-term plans to govern your life may not always materialize as expected. These can make living a forceful attempt. Thus, you should live your life as you desire and it will make you more passionate. Believe more in actions rather than planning. When you receive things or results unexpectedly, you gain more happiness out of it. Taking smaller steps toward your desires can be very fulfilling.

Have dreams but do not make them a compulsion

Have dreams

It is good to see and have dreams unless they become a force to govern your happiness. Always keep in mind that your inner satisfaction and happiness cannot be acquired through a forceful attempt. If your dreams become a compulsion for you, then you land up in the same situation. Therefore, never let your dreams fetch artificial happiness in your life. It is not wrong to think about what you want to be or want to have in life. Thus, make efforts to reach that position without making it a burden for you.

Always give your 100 percent

lady effort

Actions are always better than setting high expectations. You become happier when you start working toward your life goals and achieving little successes. Make sure that you believe more in giving rather than expecting returns on your efforts. Whenever you are making efforts, make sure to give in your best.

You will surely achieve better than what you would have achieved by setting expectations. Think about what you have received rather than about what you could or could not have received in return for your efforts. Giving your 100 percent also achieves 100 percent out of a situation.

Avoid undervaluing your luck


Your luck may also make a contribution to your efforts. Never undervalue it, as it can bring you more than your expected results. Keeping your thoughts positive may turn luck to your side. It can be true in all spheres of life. For example, you may work toward winning in an interview. You may also give you 100 percent in the preparation and presentation. However, the results may not favor you if you never believe yourself to be lucky. If you think positive in the same situation and believe in your luck, things may change too. Even a stronger candidate may move out of your way if your luck favors. Thus, be happy by expecting less and awaiting the best.


Developing long-term plans and being strict about following them may not always bring your real happiness on the achievement of goals. In fact, taking an action and setting lower expectations from a situation can even turn luck in your favor and may achieve more happiness for you.

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