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Is fear taking control over your life?


Is fear taking control over your life? In our lives, there comes a point where we feel that things are falling apart. The way we look at such situations determines our next actions. It is easy to get de-motivated and give up; but as the saying goes – A tree can only withstand a storm if its roots are firm on the ground.  That is why, it is important to face your fears.

Challenges and obstacles are a part of life; these can either make or break you. Instead of looking at them as a reason to withdraw, make them the path to move ahead. When you look at the life people lead today, you will see that everyone is running a race. The question that you should ask yourself –

Is it really worth it? Is fear taking control over your life?


Life is full of twists and turns; the more you stress, the more you burn. Do not let negativity take control of your life. The urge to move forward can only come when you are willing to fall. This is a lesson that we learn when are small.

Do you remember how you learned to walk? Have you noticed the lines of a beating heart?

The constant up and downs is a sign that you are alive. When things go smoothly, it is a flat line. To become a better person, you have to keep on working hard. Making your life is not easy; you have to constantly ensure that you keep on working on yourself.

Work on your weakness and enhance your strengths

Are you aware of your strengths

Is fear taking control over your life?

Do you think that you are a weak person?

Are you aware of your strengths and weakness?

The art of self-motivation is understanding who you are. To move forward you need to know your strengths; your weakness is what you need to work on. Having weaknesses is not a sign of a weak person. It is a sign that you are willing to improve yourself to become a better person.

The strengths of a person is what helps to stay on the ground. These become the roots for a person to take on any challenge. The weaknesses are the branches of the tree, with proper nourishment they can bare the fruits that you perceive.

Why do we get so obsessed about only good things?


When you hear most of the people today, the common thing that you will hear are the words- I WISH. As humans, it is natural to want a better life.  But then again, what we forget is that our obstacles do not come to put us down.

We all love the beauty of the rose but we also know that thorns will hurt us. That is why; we make sure that we take out the thorns. Similarly, even in our lives, the obstacles that come our way are like the thorns that lead to the rosebud.

Our actions is the reason for our reactions

control you anger

For every action, there is an equal reaction. How many times have we heard this? Have we really understood what it means?

It is easy to react to things in a negative manner. It takes a lot to remain positive. When you learn how to control your actions, automatically, you will see positive reactions around you. People today find it easier to hurt someone only because they have done the same. You have to control your anger before it controls you.

Although for that moment, we may feel happy that we have hurt somebody; but at the end of the day, we have only stooped one level down. It is good to voice out what you think; furthermore, asking when you are in doubt only helps to clear your mind.

Doubts and confusions are like the curtains to the windows

Doubts and confusions

In order to get light into our houses, we draw the curtains. The same goes with our lives. Doubts and confusions are like curtains. If we do not set them aside, we cannot see the beauty that lies in front of us.

Most people think that by asking questions or speaking our minds out, it is a sign of weakness. The reality is that these are signs of a wise person. When you want to learn in life, you have to make sure that you get a clear understanding of things.

By clearing your doubts and confusions, you are only helping yourself to move forward. This is because you are letting the ray of light shine in front of you. It also helps you to see more clearly and shows you where you have a chance of falling.

Do not fear if you fall

Failure is the stepping-stone to success

Is fear taking control over your life? Failure is the stepping-stone to success – how many times have we heard this one? Have we really understood what it means?

Every time you fall, it does not mean that you are a failure. The real meaning of the word failure is not that you have made a wrong decision; it is when you do not act upon your mistake. The fear of falling down often results in making the wrong choices.

We need to sit down and ponder – Why are we so scared to fall down? Is it because we are afraid of what others may think? Or; Is it just a block that we have in our mind?

We often fall prey to other’s thoughts. A person who believes in himself will never pay attention to what other think of him. It is important that we have to find ourselves. This is only possible when we fall down.

The only way we can learn from our mistakes is when we remove the element of FEAR from our lives. At the end of the day, we are responsible to make our own lives. Why should we depend on what other think?

A thought to ponder on

Only you are responsible for your own life. Your actions, reactions and thoughts is what makes or breaks you. No doubt, it is good to take guidance from others. However, whatever move you make should be your own choice. Meditation helps you to connect to your inner self.

Pointing fingers at somebody else is very easy, we miss out on one small thing – We are pointing three fingers at ourselves. This is the real fact of life. Whatever you get is times three of what you do to others.

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