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Success takes you away from your true self – Fact or myth

Success lies in the process

The road to success is not an easy path. It requires commitment, giving up a lot of things, devotion and above all hard work. To be a successful person does not only mean that your bank balance grows,  it also requires you to make certain changes in your life which can help you achieve your goal within the time span that you want.


We have heard of cases where people have achieved success in a very short time, it may be that they have worked hard, however, the possibilities of using unethical methods and techniques is also high. In order to gain success some people do not mind compromising on their ethics, values, methods and even the approach they take. The questions that you really need to sit and think about are:

  • What good is this success if it converts you into somebody that you cannot even recognize?
  • Is success so important that you do not mind becoming this new character that even your friends and family would have never thought about?
  • Do you generally feel proud from your heart when you achieve something, or do you feel ashamed of the things that you couldn’t take care of?

The list of questions can go on, it is never ending. Maybe in your ego you may also say “Yes I have done it, I have achieved what I wanted. What if I made millions of compromises to do so?” The reality is that, the success that you gained might not last forever, but maybe the things that you sacrificed to achieve it were irreplaceable.

A truly successful person practices good things and adopts bad methods

A truly successful person is one who is satisfied with what he or she has, and at the same time, he motivates himself keep moving on. The reality is that if you truly want to be successful you will not let this factor take you away from yourself.

If you want to be successful in your life, here are a few things that you would need to change or incorporate in your life.

Take care of your body


As much as it is important to put in all the efforts to be successful, you also need to make sure that you take care of yourself and your health. Physical activity and a healthy diet is what you really need. As the saying goes, health is wealth and this is a fact.

It is the long-term goal that matters and not the short-term one

achieve the relevant goals

Setting long-term goals is another sign of a person who believes in being successful. The difference between doing something and doing what you love is the clear sign of a successful person. The passion to achieve your goal is not dependent on what you have today, it depends upon what you plan for the future.

You have to be passionate about what you are doing


If you take a look successful people and their history and path of their achievements, you will find that their passion was the biggest driving force for them to be successful. When you love what you do, that is when you give 100% of your attention, and you will always find ways to overcome the challenges and obstacles that come your way.

You are truly successful when you are true to yourself


Many times when people achieve success; they do not see the kind of damage they do to the people around them. Unethical manners of achieving success may help you in getting the recognition that you are looking for, but the reality is that, in order to achieve this, you have actually destroyed somebody else’s life. Being successful is not just about reaching to the top, but it is also about having dignity, and being the way you are.

Success does not take you from yourself; it makes you a better person


It is just a myth that success makes a man a better person. In reality, it’s your decisions and actions that play the most vital role in the thought process that you form by adopting and incorporating the right method. You will see that you will not just be successful, but you will also be a better person.

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