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Losing A Moment Is Losing A Lot!

Losing A Moment Is Losing A Lot!

Moments of total concentration are of utmost value. When you are present here physically, but your thoughts are somewhere else, you lose the chance to be in reality. Dreams are only for the sleepers; the awake like to focus their whole energy into the present and derive the maximum value for their efforts. The conclusion I intend to derive here is that lack of efficiency is an outcome of mind’s diversions. An unfocussed mind opens the gateway for inefficiencies to creep into your life and limit it to mediocrity.

So, being in the present is a must for those, who want to make the dreamt reality, real. Or, to be here and now is very important for those, who want to make a blessing out of the current moment. A diverted mind loses all the opportunities to tap knowledge from the available sources, as it is always focused in thoughts, which are yet to materialize. In other words, we tend to think big and forget to take the small steps towards goal-realization, by being miles away from the present. Remember, to make a house, every brick has to be laid in a proper manner. Just the thought of a wall, cannot lead to the materialization of a wall. You will have to actually construct a wall, and its actual materialization would not be as fast as its mental materialization.

Dreams are important; but actions are even more important. So, one has to explore ways to direct the energy being wasted on the thoughts on the present moment to make the most out of it. And being here and now is impossible, unless one is aware of the effective ways to detach from dreams and merge with the reality. So, here are some effective ways to make the present moment your only moment.

  • Watch your thoughts, just by watching them you will know how they are making you wander away from the important tasks in hand. This right awareness is the perfect warm up exercise to know how the energy that could have been utilized, is being wasted. Often when we are given a shock, we realize our mistakes and a positive transformation automatically engulfs us.
  • Sitting silently for ten to fifteen minutes daily and doing nothing, but experiencing the bodily and mental sensations is another effective way to strengthen your connection with the present
  • Switch off the lights of your room and place a lit candle on a table. Concentrate on its flame for a few minutes. This is another reliable method to recollect the diverted energy and enhance your focus on your daily work assignments.

Likewise, you can explore many other tried and tested methods for being in the present moment and prevent the useless wastage of the energy that could be transformed into an overflowing with success life.


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