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Books That Will Make You Smarter, Happier, and Better

Emotional Intelligence It Can Matter More Than IQ

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

-Garrison Keillor

[Garrison Keillor is an American novelist, comedian, humorist, and public radio personality.]

Reading is a great exercise for the brain. Reading does so much to our lives; it helps de-stress, improve memory and concentration, calms us down, makes us smarter and more interesting, entertains us, helps us visit a different world sitting in one place and so much more. All books have a beginning, middle, and end. It has been encouraged by neuroscientists that parents must-read books to their children. This increases their attention span of children in their growing years.

Reading handpicked books on Corporate Wellness could also help corporate professionals create new strategies to success and personal development.

10 Easy To Read Books That Make You Smarter

There could be as many books written as opinions on which to read. Apart from people who write themselves, there are also people who choose to ask for help with paper writing, giving us a much more diverse range. This list is not at all exhaustive but serves as a starting point for the inquisitive mind. These are all modern, easy to read books that don’t fill your brain with easily forgotten facts, but a way of thinking about the universe that makes you smarter.

1. Cosmos – Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, tells the story of 15 billion years of cosmic history like no one else can. This book shows how broad and deep Carl’s interests extend and draws the reader into a world of fascination. Although the book is primarily about how science has developed in our society, the book touches on subjects such as history, philosophy, religion, and cultures. The book is written in simple terms and is understandable to those without a background in science.

2. Outliers: The Story Of Success – Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers brings a crucial point that there is the logic behind why some people become successful, and it has more to do with legacy and opportunity than high IQ. This important idea shifts the concept of the smarter the better to point out what actually goes into making a successful person. Although Malcolm Gladwells methods have been brought into questioning in recent times, there’s no doubt that this book is a great starting point for anyone interested in evolutionary psychology.

3. A Short History Of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

This is the greatest guide, to what we all should have learned in high school and beyond. Through one giant narrative, Bill Bryson takes the reader to the many physical quarks and wonders of our universe. As far as science books go, this one is a must-read for anyone interested in how and why we are here.

4. The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are – Robert Wright

Where do morals come from? Why do we do certain things?
These are the questions the book challenges from a new perspective. Taking the basic principle of evolution and finally applying it to the way we act as humans. 12 best books about writers written ever! Get the list on Academichelp.net.

5. Thinking Fast And Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman presents the brain as we have never seen it. The basis of the book is simple. In judging the world around us, we use two mental systems: Fast and Slow. The Fast system (System 1) is mostly unconscious and makes snap judgments based on our past experiences and emotions. When we use this system we are as likely to be wrong as right. The Slow system (System 2) is rational, conscious, and slow. They work together to give us a view of the world around us.

6. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything – Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

The lesson of this book is that we should be leery of trusting society or common wisdom. In other words, the book encourages us to keep our minds alert and break out of the mold in the way we see things. It introduces one of the most important topics which is differentiating correlation from causation.

7. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

This is a great book about the power of habit and what we can do to change our habits in business, life, and society. The book is divided into three sections, first focusing on the individual, then companies, and finally societies.

8. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates Of Human Societies – Jared Diamond

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Guns, Germs, and Steel is a brilliant work answering the question of why the people’s of certain continents succeeded in invading other continents and conquering or displacing their people’s. This book sheds light on why the Europeans advanced so much quicker than the rest of the world.

9. Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by Its Most Brilliant Teacher – Richard P. Feynman

Physics can often be wrongly marred with hatred for its complexity and day to day social application. No one will ever come close to describing the fundamentals of our universe quite as Richard Feynman can. He is able to make physics intuitive, unlocking the many beauties for everyone to appreciate.

10. This Will Make You Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking – John Brockman

What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? This is the question John Brockman posed to the world’s most influential thinkers. Their visionary answers flow from the frontiers of psychology, philosophy, economics, physics, sociology, and more. Surprising and enlightening, these insights will revolutionize the way you think about yourself and the world.

7 Corporate Wellness Books you Must read, and here is why

Good books are often the real eye-openers. Today, business leaders and executives are walking the tightrope in balancing personal wellbeing, workplace anxiety, and dwindling bottom line. How do you find the way out?  The handpicked list of 7 Corporate Wellness Books would help you a lot.

  1. Dying for a Paycheck by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Do you know every year 120,000 Americans die from work-related stress and health issues? The book explains workplace factors affecting employee well-being. There could be no trade-off between employee well-being and business profitability. An interesting read for corporate leaders and policymakers to make suitable moves to build a positive corporate wellness culture.

  1. Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland and Kirsten Janene-Nelson

Corporates have accepted this new culture. Stats say working remotely can increase productivity up to 77%.  Flexible remote working can create long-term loyalty, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. Remote working demands essential skills, work ethics, tech support, and the right mindset. The book outlines these features.

  1. What you do is who you are by Ben Horowitz 

Organizational culture creates the ground for workplace wellness. There is no magic recipe for it. But the truth is that you have to be yourself. What you do not what you say or feel sets your organizational culture. Great tips to help build your own unique culture.

  1. The Evolved Executive by Heather Hanson Wickman

The future of work is Love in Action or leading with love. It is moving away from the age-old fear-raising business beliefs towards a more effective loving approach. An amazing read for leaders and professionals to revolutionize their roles to redefine corporate wellness. 

  1. Rituals Roadmap by Erica Keswin 

Rituals are vital workplace tools to harness 3P’s of connectedness – Purpose, Psychological drive, and Performance. How can you transform your daily rituals into magical workplace wellness? The book leads you through creative workplace rituals to boost employee engagement and team commitment. 

  1. Building an Inclusive Organization by Stephen Frost, Raafi-Karim Alidina

Diverse organizations are more innovative and see more success. The book is about challenging unconscious bias and implementing policies for a psychologically safe workplace environment for all. A great read for leaders encouraging diverse perspectives in the workplace.

  1. Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace by Gill Hasson, Dona Butler 

Not many are sure how mental well-being in workplace looks like.  What are the workplace triggers? How aware are you of work-life balance? What actions leaders can take to improve employee well-being? A practical guide to workplace wellness for employees and employers.

7 Essential Books on Happiness

According to bookworms, nothing can bring more happiness to them other than reading books. The authors in each of these pieces of textual art have shown immense excellence in making the matter realistic and appealing for the readers. Some of them have got nominated for reputed awards and prizes and some others have hit the top rank of the best-selling books list.

1. Delivering Happiness

 Tony Hsieh

Published in the year 2010, this book is written by none other than Tony Hsieh. As you start reading it, you will find that it consists of three segments namely profits, profits and passion, and profit, passion, and purpose. During the course of the story, you will find how the author traveled with time and turned into a successful entrepreneur out of nothing. Read the entire story and get inspired to the core. This book will definitely bring a smile to your face. Grab a copy now if you don’t have it.

2. The Art of Happiness

 The Art of Happiness

This one of a lifetime international bestsellers is a collaborative work of Howard Cutler and the monumental figure of peace and happiness, Dalai Lama. The first copy was published in the year 1998 and exhibits a philosophical tone throughout the entire write up. The storyline will express the fact that how one can find happiness and peace in his mind. Don’t miss out on this one if you like to go through philosophical write-ups. The concept and thoughts of the authors are indeed praiseworthy out here.

3. Stumbling on Happiness

 Stumbling on Happiness

This ever-popular non-fiction novel sings the song of Happiness. This amazing piece was written by Daniel Gilbert in the year 2006 and it puts stress on psychology. In this book, the author argues over the fact that the concept of imagination is a failure in several regards. He comes with valid reasons which are vividly discussed in this book. The book got so much popular on its release that it got translated in almost 25 languages worldwide.  Do grab the copy as fast as you can as without it your bookshelf will indeed be incomplete.

4. Too Much Happiness

 Too Much Happiness

This is a book written by the ever-popular Canadian writer Alice Munro. It is a collection of stories that was first published in 2009, in the month of August. Being nominated for the Governor General’s Award for English-language fiction, this story set has sold millions of copies worldwide since the day of its release in the book market. Do grab the set and see happiness in a different form. You will fall in love with each and every page and can’t hold yourself back from re-reading the articles. This is indeed a must-have book for you.

5. The gifts of imperfection

The gifts of imperfection

Written by the ever-popular American author Brené Brown, this book has indeed touched the hearts of millions of readers across the globe. It tells us about the messages we get from society in our everyday life. Buy it now to redefine happiness. Released in 2010, this book has managed to turn up as one of the bestselling books the world has seen.

6. The Architecture of Happiness

 The Architecture of Happiness

This book speaks high of beauty and you will be really enamored to find out the style of writing Alain de Botton has expressed his humble opinion on the idea of happiness in this fiction. The book got released in 2006 and for the past decade, it is running wild in the domain of international stores. Do grab it now to complete your bookshelf. The books deal with both happiness as well as misery. It can be considered that Pantheon Books have indeed done a great job in deciding to publish this one of kind non-fiction.

So, through this write-up, we suppose you got ample info about books based on the idea of happiness that has managed to gather words of praise from millions of readers across the world.

8 – Books that will make you a better person

Reading can also make us learn a lot of things. Self-realization, self-improvement, etc. can be encouraged through reading. If we understand ourselves, we can understand others better. We human beings always have a scope for improvement because nobody is perfect.

Here is a list of 8 such books that you can read in order to become a better individual.

1. The Road Less Traveled – M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled – M. Scott Peck

“Life is difficult.” are the opening lines of this insightful book by the author, M. Scott Peck.
The topics like how to problem solve, developing a dedication to reality, delaying gratification, dealing with pain, etc. comprise of this book. It tells us that love and grace are the keys to deal with some of life’s greatest challenges and guides us to greater heights of self-understanding.

2. Man’s search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Man’s search for meaning - Viktor E. FranklThis book is based on Frankl’s true story where he tells us about his experiences in Auschwitz. He explains how he thought of an insightful psychological therapy-based program while going through his struggle.

The struggle is a great teacher that teaches deep lessons in extreme situations. For Frankl, it made him develop this therapy for those who are going through a similar phase in their lives. He explains in-depth how simply having a cause or a person to look forward to can help us live in a better manner in even the worst of situations.

3. The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

The Now Habit A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

The central idea of this book is accomplishing tasks without feeling burdened by them and making the best use of free time. The book helps understand that procrastination is a kind of punishment that you endow upon yourself because when you are avoiding your work, you are still thinking of that undone work and in fact over-working your mind.

By overcoming procrastination you can become a person who accomplishes what he decides, and on time. It will not only be good for you but also make you a well-organized person in general.

4. Emotional Intelligence: It Can Matter More Than IQ

Emotional Intelligence It Can Matter More Than IQ

This book breaks the illusion that only the Intelligence of a person can determine how “smart” he is in handling things. The author of the book, Goleman makes us understand the difference between two minds: the rational and the emotional. The rational mind can surely help us in various areas of life but emotional intelligence can prove to be a reason for success in work as well as in relationships.

5. Leadership and Self-Deception –  Getting out of the box – The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self-Deception -  Getting out of the box – The Arbinger Institute

This book will change your way of looking at things in a different in the workplace as well as in your personal life. The way we view others affects the way we communicate with them effectively and in turn, affects the way we lead them too. It makes us understand that to become a leader, it is important to change our own thinking first, strengthening our own ability and to empathize and relate with others.

If you want to become an effective leader, it is necessary for you to have the qualities. You need to be capable to understand where you stand before you lead others.

6. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

This book will make you think about thinking. Some of the topics in this book are, how can our thinking be utilized in the best possible way, proper decision making, the dangers of being overconfident and bias, and such other subject matter.

The thoughts of a person play a very crucial role in determining his actions. If the thoughts are in control, actions automatically are in control.

7. The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

The author of this book himself has the traits of a sensitive person. He explains that the various tags given to sensitive people like timid, shy, weak, unsociable make these sensitive people attempt to be like others; this can provoke them and make them distressed. This in turn makes them seem crazy or neurotic by others and eventually themselves too. Having such a self-image just for being sensitive is highly unfair.

This book will now only help sensitive people calm down their anxiety but also help the ones who can’t fall under their category to understand sensitive people and have better communication with them.

8. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Differenceby Malcolm Gladwell

“Emotion is contagious.”

This book focuses on the significant question, what makes something spread? It covers the subject that emotion is infectious in a positive manner, in universal terms, that can be helpful to anyone with an idea that has assurance.

Books have immense power in our lives. From the first printed manuscript to NT bestsellers, you know what we are talking about if you like to read. Unfortunately, essay writing about books is much less interesting and inspiring. If you have some book report on hand that you would like to pass along, choose a professional essay writing company, such as SmartWritingservice.com. Most academic papers have nothing to do with your future career or your current interests, so why should you waste time on those instead of following your online or offline passion? Delegate part of your to-do list to reliable service, and dive into reading that actually matters.

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