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Develop emotional intelligence parameters and skills to inculcate professional value

Emotional Intelligence Quotient or generally referred to as EQ is the ability in you to control your emotions as per situation and derive the best in life by using the emotions as your guide in behavior and thinking.

Being in constant touch with your emotions then it permits you to cope with your stress and enhances your communications. Your intelligence quotient (IQ) is a constant factor in your life. However, EQ can be sharpened and developed with time. The following parameters will help you hone your emotional intelligence parameters and transform your personality.

Work on your listening power

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Every orator is successful only if s/he has developed an intense listening skill. Listening to others is an art and not everyone has this power, you need patience to understand and listen to anyone. The more you work on it the better it is. It enhances your emotional quotient. It is said that listening is the key to effective communication. If you do not listen properly, you do not interpret the message correctly and hence the communication system fails. Enhance your listening power and generate positive communication skills along with positive relations.

Work towards understanding urgent issues

To check your emotional tab and develop a good EQ, you should also work on understanding and prioritizing issues related to your work. You need to control your emotions while dealing with work issues. Try working on the work issues that are urgent with a cool mind. Anger and frustration will get you nowhere. Build better understanding levels on the urgent issues and work as the situation demands. Your EQ depends on the way you handle issues that require urgent help. A mind without fear and anger works towards the best solution.

Work on your presentation skills

The way you present yourself at work is a parameter your EQ is dependent on. The way you interact with others and are receptive to their views speaks about your personality. Each situation that is handled is guided by our emotions. The way you present yourself at work would also work either in favor or against the situation. Develop skills that can improve your presentation ability. You need to assess yourself to develop your EQ.

Your behavior to every impulsive situation and its assessment will help you develop control your reaction. The more you figure out what causes you to react to situations, the higher goes the6 EQ and you will eventually be able to tackle situations well.

Build better cooperation levels

Cooperation is the key to success. Improve your levels of cooperation and you will see your emotions are way in your control. Your behavioral change need to be for the better. Research shows that people who are more cooperative, collaborative and participative, are better at generating productivity. This way your EQ has a very strong impact on your productivity. Feeling of trust within colleagues generates high cooperation levels, and in turn helps you handle your emotions in a balanced manner.

Work on skills to communicate effective information to your boss

skills to communicate

Information if not communicated properly and correctly will cause mishandling and miscommunication. Distorted information is a hazard for the organization. So work on skills that require you to communicate information correctly to your manager or client. Focus on what needs to be communicated and then present it. This will improve your EQ and will ensure better understanding with your boss.

A person with a high emotional intelligence can have a better life because of better associations and obtain good job prospects. Recognize your drawbacks, work on them, be concerned about other’s emotions and communicate effectively to develop a good level of emotional intelligence.


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