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“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld

An avid traveller, Dr Prem has a knack of capturing fleeting moments in his camera and cherishes them all his life. In terms of sheer visual appeal, diversity in themes and impeccable portrayal of the subject, these pictures may rival the ones clicked by endowed cinematographers with years of experience.

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Dr Prem has the unique ability to capture images with a solid composition even after defying the conventions in photography. His images do not belong to any particular genre but still they are enthralling enough to capture the imagination of any audience. Many experts will tell you that great photographers have an eye for details and capture only what is important. Conversely, they have the ability to sort out small details that can take away from a subject in a photograph. Dr Prem has painstakingly cultivated these virtues, which holds true in his photographs.

A globetrotter and a multi faceted man, Dr Prem is an acclaimed speaker, global trainer, successful entrepreneur, chartered consultant author and publisher all rolled into one. Adding photography to his impressive list of deliverables, Dr Prem emerges as an individual with mythical abilities. Dr Prem explores the unknown for his photographs to bring the outside inside. He believes that essence of discovery does not lie in finding new landscapes, but in gaining new eyes. Bringing to the fore his brilliance and versatility as a photographer, he ably uses a long focal length to capture images from a distance and throw the background out of focus. In handful of cases, Dr Prem uses wide-angle lenses, a method encouraging interaction between the photographer and subject while rendering the visual appeal that every photograph desire and deserve.

Dr Prem adheres to a philosophy that life and photography have much in common. He firmly believes that lens is your attitude, processor is your brain, sensor is the impression you get and education is the frame while composer is like your passion. Dr Prem’s travel photograph has mainly two components

  1. Aesthetic component, which visualizes the obscured beauty in photographs
  2. Lifestyle and life related subjects, which guide and teach us directly or indirectly

Dr Prem is a man with creativity, which further enhances his credentials as a travel photographer. He is able to intuitively ascertain essentials of a great photograph such as lighting, composition, and focus, and use them impeccably to deliver astounding shots. His remarkable hand-eye coordination comes in handy in manipulating the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos.

Curiosity is one big element that goes into making of aesthetically pleasing pictures, and Dr Prem has it in abundance. Dr Prem’s curiosity ensures that his photography does not become a chore but remains a rewarding experience at all times. Moreover, the curiosity enables him to spot out things that others usually miss.