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Smart Home Guide

Wireless technology is here to make your life easier than ever. No more wires getting tangled up or setting up complicated wired systems all over your home to connect devices. Wires have been indispensable till now, but they do make […]


Mazes have graced the grounds of royal and elite gardens for centuries. These elegant additions to the backyard or garden are a majestic feature of some of the most famous private and public gardens of the world. You can create

make a maze in your backyard

Negative space should be considered when you are designing your home’s interiors. Just to brush up, positive space is the space occupied by the furniture, lighting, accessories, artworks and so on. Negative space is the space which is in, around

negative space in interior designing

Air pollution is all pervasive now, outdoors and indoors. Indoor air is polluted by cleaning agents and chemicals used in various products. The polluted indoor air is quite often at the bottom of the respiratory problems, in both adults and

Natural dehumidifier plants

People make out from your outfit as what type of personality you have, the same way you decorate your house tells a lot about your personality type as what kind of person you. It’s a reflection of you in a

home decor choice

A well decorated home is a dream for all but realised by few. An important step towards realising the dream is to imbibe craftily the traditional style into modern décor. We often fail in the attempt of trying to maintain


Today most people prefer to live in small sized houses instead of big ones. Nowadays it has become a very common practice for families to move out on their own. Siblings and children barely stay with each other. Every person

Small Houses Interior Design Ideas

One of the qualifying criteria for a Mortgage Loan depends on the debt to income ratio aka DTI. This figure determines how much your monthly income is; and what the monthly payment of your loan will be or can be.

Bathrooms for many are not a priority when it comes to splurging money on gadgets for a smart home. Probably, such individuals don’t know the worth and the potential of bathroom gadgets available on the market today. A plenty of


The smart home age is loaded with home automation and all sorts of smart devices that thrive to make people’s life easy. After seeing a wide assortment of intelligent devices, now it is time for you to know of some

Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set
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