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Saving money on big houses by making small ones look spacious

Small Houses Interior Design Ideas

Today most people prefer to live in small sized houses instead of big ones. Nowadays it has become a very common practice for families to move out on their own. Siblings and children barely stay with each other. Every person lives his or her life the way he or she wants. Even the cost of living is getting expensive and handling the bills takes a major toll on what we earn. With all these factors in mind, a small sized house is a good option because of the various benefits that it offers.

Designing a small sized house

It does not matter if the house is big or small, what is important is the way it is designed.  By choosing the right type of furniture and home décor, we can cover up all the shortages of our house and make even a small house look like a big one. Let us look at how you can design your home so that you can make it look big and spacious.
Choose multi functional furniture

The first and foremost thing that you have to consider about a small house is the type of furniture you choose. Avoid using bulky or single use furniture; instead opt for those that serve multiple benefits. For example, instead of just getting a center table, you can choose to go for the one’s that come with built in stools. Another unique idea is to have a multi-functional table along with a rack. You can use it as your office table as well as a dining area.
Keep your walls simple

Do not overload your walls with lots of decor. Keeping it simple will equally help to make your room look spacious. You can choose to have wall paintings or even elegant looking home decor. Choosing shelves to place your decor is a lot better than having cabinets.
Organize your kitchen to the bare necessities

Most kitchens are well equipped with all the latest appliances that help to cut down the time we take while cooking. While looking out for any appliance, opt for an all in one idea. Even while choosing the furniture for your kitchen, make sure that you do not overcrowd it. Even the design should not look very bulky. While choosing colors stick to bright and light colors with a touch of dark colors. Cool and soft tones will give you the optimum effect and best result.

Lighting fixtures

A perfectly sized lighting fixture can create a stylish visual impact. No doubt, nothing can beat natural light when you want to create solution of a spacious house. If you plan to use floor lamps then it is recommended that the shade and base should be of the same color. Smaller base lamps are an ideal choice. Similarly, false ceiling options use delicate designs that give out a bigger visual impact.

Designing your bedroom

When you are considering design for your bedroom; go for the ones that give you additional storage space. Beds with built in storage, cupboards with healing touch cabinets, or even glass shelves are some of the things you can consider for your bedroom. Instead of having a separate section for your dressing table, you can blend it on the side of the cupboard to save space. Choosing cupboards with sliding doors will also be a good idea. Opting for built in cupboards by using the space within your wall will also help to make your room look big.

Let us not forget the bathroom

Most of the bathrooms today are small and keeping it simple is the best way. You can choose to have slip-proof flooring in variety of colors like tan, soft brown, creams or even whites to make it look big. For the walls, consider going for a blend of solid tiles with a little border design or delicate and small prints. This will add some volume into your bathroom. Even while choosing the sink, choose a simple and elegant design instead of a bulky looking one. Place small sized glass shelves to keep your bathroom essentials and cleaning products. Instead of just opting for a mirror, you can opt for a cabinet with a built in mirror to store your medicines, extra shampoos or other such small items.

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