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At just 64 cubic meters, 2QUARE house is a perfect example of small space living

Every now and then, we see designers and architects from across the globe coming up with intelligent space saving solutions. Recently, we stumbled across the One-Sqm-House by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel and now, we have the 2QUARE, a tiny 64 cubic meters house designed by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo. Designed as a compact living solution for students and victims of natural disasters, the 2QUARE house can be easily detached and disassembled for moving it from one place to another. It’s easy to set up and accommodates up to two persons.

The 2QUARE house comes with two levels, with the upper level featuring the bedroom with a closet and a studio, and the lower level comprising of kitchen, a breakfast table, a bathroom with shower, a sofa-cum-bed and a TV. Both the levels are connected through a retractable staircase. The designer is currently working on the second prototype of the 2QUARE house following the feedback for his first prototype.

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