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Smartphones can help you to easily manage your work while parenting. They can easily dissolve the monotony of parenting but, at the cost of some uninvited charges. Children mimic their parents’ habits and also end up devoting plenty of time […]

Books are a treasury of words that you should introduce to your kids at an early age. Reading with your kids or reading to your kids is a special kind of joy that you should not deprive your kids of.

Raising a child is like molding a clay pot; you can mold them into a good person in their initial years of life much like a clay pot. In a world where everyone thinks the universe revolves around them (thanks

teaching empathy to kids

The internet has its own pros and cons just as everything else does. The internet is an amazing invention that has solved many issues and has even provided a means of earning their bread and butter to many. Having said


<![CDATA[Libraries remind you of books and peace of mind. There is nothing that can match the unique ambience that a library with only the ruffling of pages and few undertone murmurs. In addition, to the serenity and wide variety of

Raul Lemesoff Knowledge attack

Our first response to a particularly bad deed by our child would be to spank him/her. However, we can discipline our kid in many other ways without resorting to spanks. Here are five such approaches that can help you out

discipline your kids without resorting to spanks

Being a good parent to an elementary age kid is a challenging task. Children aged from 5 to 9 go to elementary school and need a lot of love and care from their parents. It is the best time to

parenting tips for elementary-age kids

Children need to get the affectionate care of both their father and mother for healthy development. In today’s world, around 50% couples separate or divorce after having kids together. Many parents believe in co-parenting, which means that they share the

effective co-parenting after separation

It is human nature to create mutually advantageous bonds for physical as well as mental well-being. Some ties are unbreakable like that of a parent and a child and both of them benefit equally from carefully nurturing the relationship. Bonding

reasons behind the bond between parents and kids

Kids and teenagers are the first generation digital natives and have grown up knowing the marvels of the internet and technology. This is a good thing as most businesses today depend on computers and internet for major and minor operations.

tech savvy kid
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