Five parenting tips for elementary-age kids

parenting tips for elementary-age kids

Being a good parent to an elementary age kid is a challenging task. Children aged from 5 to 9 go to elementary school and need a lot of love and care from their parents. It is the best time to teach them your values and instill discipline in them. Children have an easily impressionable mind and at this period of growth and development, they easily adapt with their surroundings. It is very important that you deal carefully with your child, so that they learn valuable life lessons and discipline. In the following, we have discussed five easy to follow parenting tips for the parents of elementary age kids.

Be more understanding:

Your kid has just joined school and they are trying to adjust with a completely different world. You must give them credit for trying to manage with the new spheres of life and always lend an ear to them. Your understanding care will help them feel secured. You have to try your best to understand if they are facing any problems and hesitating to share with you.

Take more interest:

Kids love to talk about their new experiences with their parents. Show your interest in their school works, projects and friends. Invite their new friends at home for a tea party or play date. This way your kids will adjust with their new life more easily. You should make a routine for helping your kids with their schoolwork. Read their books with them and give them company during studies. Your interest will encourage your kids to learn more.


Do talk about values:

It is your duty to develop the value system of your kids. Tell them why being generous, kind and fair is important. Give them examples that they can easily relate to. Tell them why lying can lead to complications. Most importantly make them believe that no matter what mistakes they make they can always confide in you. Tell them that you will help them come out of any trouble they face. The right set of values will help them stay away from problems and complications all their lives.

Together time:

Make time for family enjoyment. Go out for a movie or watch them at home with your kids. Read together and ask your kids to help you in household chores. This way your bond with the kids will get stronger.

Show your confidence in them:

Your confidence in them will help in developing the self-confidence of your toddlers. Tell them that they may be different from others in many ways but they are still remarkable and important for you. Also, help them in expressing their talents.


To be a good parent to an elementary age kid you must give them more time and attention. Take interest in their schoolwork and projects. Talk to them everyday and make some special bonding time.

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