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Time is running out for our Earth. The rate at which we are consuming natural resources, we would need 1.7 earths to meet our demands. How can our Earth support life’s sustainability if things go this way? With our planet […]

Ways to Support Sustainability on Earth

What are the gifts that you like giving to your friends and loved ones? Would you ever consider gifting roses? If yes, then it would make you glad to know that people around the world spend vast sums of money

Gift a Box of Roses

Looking good, great and stunning all depends on you. Sometimes when you’re feeling good, you look good in anything. You can develop your own distinctive style which will set you apart from the crowd. It’s not about wearing designer dresses


Being in love is one of the best feelings you experience. It makes your life sweeter and more exciting. You may be like some people who love to be in love, and become relationship or love addicts. They feel their

relationship addiction

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy life.” – Jules Robson Spending a healthy life is not as complicated as most people assume it to be. You will find the majority of people talking about bad health, increasing health hazards,


You are sick. You visit a doctor and request a course of antibiotics for a quick cure. If the doctor is unwilling, you go to a pharmacy and take antibiotics according to their suggestion. Not only this, when you feel

Is antibiotic overuse killing us

With Covid-19 taking over, the world economy is in ruins, and most probably it is going to get worse from here. Even the countries relatively safe from the pandemic are going to suffer because of a global recession. So, no

Financial Crisis

Podcasts are being viewed as the next platform for content as blogging as a content channel is overcrowded. You can make a mark as a podcaster, if you have something to say which resonates with your audience. The number of

start your own podcast from home

Modern age builders are connecting health and wellbeing architecture while designing buildings.  Their green plans and execution through projects engaging engineers, material and labor is thought to have tangible health benefits. Their success ends in making customers mentally happy and physically comfortable. Failures

architecture impacts our health and wellbeing

Ample researches have linked the neighborhood influence on child development pointing out some critical issues. But are we taking a serious note of this? It has been seen children when shifted from compromised and sick living quarters to decent pads

Neighborhood influence crucial for child development
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