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Coronavirus has affected the entire world. The world over, people have been advised to stay at home so that they do not come into contact with infected people. This has suddenly caused a lot of anxiety and panic due to […]

working from home due to coronavirus-outbreak

We are all used to take travel as a break from monotony and engage our minds differently. But how many of us can think of travel as a therapy? Research has proved that travel has numerous benefits for our mind

use travel as a therapy

Have you ever calculated how much of your life is spent within the confinements of concrete and how much in nature?  Being away from sunlight and Mother Nature is physically and mentally not good. It is always good to feel


Going vegan is a healthy and eco-friendly choice. However, as it excludes some food from the diet, such as dairy, people often wonder if a vegan diet is enough to provide the body with the nutrition it needs.  Sometimes, vegans

Supplements vegans must include in their diet

This is an article most people won’t bother to read beyond the title. But there are some, who live and work with the elderly people day-in & day-out. This article is for the people who understand that those living with

help elderly discover purpose in life

Screen time has a decisive impact on all of us, but especially on our children. Having at least one television in the house is the norm, and with smartphones and tablets the situation has become even more problematic. What’s worse

How to use television for positive child development

“The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” ― Pablo Picasso Most of us think that the world is as we see it and we usually tend to reject everything that conflicts with our point of

understand modern art

When it comes to raising children, most of us simply tend to learn from the experiences of others around us who have raised children in the past. However, while doing this we often forget one thing, the individuality of our

understanding your child’s psychology and behavior

According to the WHO, people are under the grip of the global obesity epidemic. By 2020, it will be the most lethal factor threatening human health. But does obesity lead to mental disorder or is it the other way round? 

Obesity and mental health

Since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, making the farming and processing of industrial hemp federally legal, CBD gummies have been gaining popularity at breakneck speed. Anecdotal evidence indicates that CBD can improve a whole host of symptoms

CBD Gummies
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