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Green Living Guide

Time is running out for our Earth. The rate at which we are consuming natural resources, we would need 1.7 earths to meet our demands. How can our Earth support life’s sustainability if things go this way? With our planet […]

Ways to Support Sustainability on Earth

A little moderation in your meat intake can reduce your carbon impact effectively. You realize that, but not your friends. Meat makes a hearty meal, but it is harmful to the environment.  A UK market research report says, nearly 29%

persuade your friends to eat less meat

“Death Cleaning” sounds morbid, but it carries a meaningful impact aimed towards clutter free life. How much do you need in your life? You accumulate more than that. This imbalance creates clutter. Take note of countless things in your home

Gift your belongings, but thoughtfully

Survival gardens are being grown to provide home grown vegetable to the family, in case of any unforeseen events such as natural calamities or economic collapse which might disrupt infrastructure. There may be instances when you may have to provide

growing a survival garden

Do you have a backyard lawn with sunlight and fertile soil? Start a vegetable garden from scratch in this piece of land. Working in a garden is a rewarding hobby, resulting in your family and friends feasting on the yield.


Most of us are hoarders. We have so many things inside our houses still every time we go out we buy more. But did you know that you can make your own picture frames, pillows and blankets just by using

hanging picture frame

Sunscreen! It is an important step in our skincare winter. Whether it is summer or winter, you need to apply sunscreen in your bare skin. It acts as a shield on your skin. Depending upon your skin type, you should

All Good Sport Sunscreen

Dressing up, wearing makeup or decking up with ornaments is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression. Sharanya Manivannan a writer stated in a newspaper column that women should use start using their self-expression as an ‘avatar’. Let us draw

A freshly painted home is marvelous to step into. Many people like the scent of fresh paint, and compare it to the smell of freshly cut grass. Fresh paint is however not as harmless as grass, as the paint has

Low And Zero VOC Paints

Currently, the world is in a dire state, facing multiple issues relating to the global peace, economy clashes, and environmental risk. The situation has ultimately made us stand at the abyss that is taking us towards chaos, destruction, and death.

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