Tips to convert tabletop frame into hanging picture frame

hanging picture frame

Most of us are hoarders. We have so many things inside our houses still every time we go out we buy more. But did you know that you can make your own picture frames, pillows and blankets just by using items which otherwise might appear as waste? Yes, it is possible and very easy to do. Here is how to utilize your tabeltop and other waste items at your home creatively.

Converting tabletop into a hanging picture frame

Most of the times, we tend to buy picture frames that end up looking out of place in the room we place them in. We would think that the tabletop picture frame would be better if converted into a hanging picture frame, or that a hanging picture frame would look better if converted into a tabletop picture frame. In any case, converting picture frames is not that hard a task, and can be done easily by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Remove the legs:

hanging picture frameThe first thing that needs to be done is removing the leg that allows the frame to stand on tabletops or any other surface. This would enable the frame to hang nicely on the wall. So use a pair of pliers to remove the leg from the back of the frame gently. You can use a screwdriver for the same if you see the legs attached to the board with screws.

2. Attaching the hardware to the frame:

You can attach the hardware to the frame by either screwing the eyebolts to the frame or attaching a serrated bracket to the frame with the help of nails. Purchase a picture hanging kit that comes with the tools necessary for the job.

In the case of eyebolts, attach them to the right and left ends of the back of the picture frame. Measure about 1/3 of the distance from the top of the frame and mark the spot on both sides and screw in the eyebolts.

3. Use Wire to handle the weight:

hanging picture frameTake a sturdy wire that would support the weight of the picture frame. Attach one end of the wire to one of the eyebolts. Let some slack (enough to let the middle of the wire reach the top of the frame), and attach the wire to the other eyebolt. Cut out the remaining wire.

4. Attach the bracket at the back of the frame

In the case of a serrate bracket, attach the bracket at the back of the frame (near the top). The bracket needs to be attached in the middle of the top, so measure equal distances from both ends (horizontally). You can use nails to attach the bracket.

Hanging the picture frame is not that hard a task as well. Simply hold the picture frame against the wall and make a mark on it slightly above the place you want to hang the frame. Attach the hanger (that comes with the picture frame kit) to the wall with the help of nails. Once that is done, hang the picture frame on the hanger.


You can easily convert a tabletop picture frame into a hanging picture frame, provided you have the patience to do the job yourself. In this article, we have discussed simple steps to have your very own hanging picture frame in no time.

How to recycle other home items

Instead of discarding a used item we can recycle it and reuse it. Beautiful things can be made from waste products. Everything from a small paper clip to a curtain or a old sofa can be recycled and reused. It’s a fun to experiment and make new things out of old and used products. Giving new look to old things and using them again is economical.

The following are some of the creative ways to recycle the items at home:

1. Making a Denim Quilt:

Making a Denim QuiltIt often happens that you have particular jeans or a denim skirt which you like the most even though it is old and useless. Here is a very fantastic way to recycle it. You can make a “Denim Quilt”. Different shades of denim patchwork make it attractive and the fabric of denim makes it sturdy.

2. Making throw Pillows using old-T-Shirts:

Your old T-shirts and sweaters can be used to make use and throw pillows instead of throwing them. These throw pillows make the couch comfortable and appealing. These pillows will be costume made as well be inexpensive.

Method: Select a T-shirt or a sweater, cut it into any shape (don’t restrict yourself to a square pillow). Use cotton to make it fluffy. Stitch all the corners properly with a sewing machine. And your sturdy and home made throw pillow is ready.

3. Make Vase out of plastic bottle:

Make Vase out of plastic bottleYou can use plastic bottles to make a beautiful vase. The empty plastic bottles which are useless can be cut in an artistic manner and given a new look. Its beauty is enhanced when colorful flowers and some colorful stones are kept in it.

Method: Collect few old, empty plastic bottles. Clean them properly. Cut the upper portion of the nozzle of bottle with a cutter (be careful while doing so). Then using scissors cut the edges of bottle in thin strips, then bend the edges outward to make a level edge all the way around. Entangle the strips of edges into each and make a design out of it.

4. Using your old bed sheets creatively:

You can use old bed sheets to make attractive table cloth, table runner, place mats and napkins. Two layers of a piece from bed along with some cute laces will make a perfect table cloth for regular use when you don’t want your new and costly table cloth to get dirty.

Method: Get some old bed-sheets which are in good condition and can be used to make tablecloth. Cut the bed sheets in the shape of the table top, take 2-3 layers of the cloth to make it thick. Stitch the ends of the pieces and then decorate them with laces and decorative flowers which will enhance its look and make it look beautiful.

5. Recycling footwear:

Recycling footwearWomen most of the times possess many pairs of footwear, they are very possessive about them and also always try to keep them in a better condition. Old footwear can be used to make bags.

Method: You can make a shoe bags. Just cut the size you need, sew a one-inch seam and then sew the bag together. You can also decorate it with sparkling thread to tie, or some beads.

6. Making coasters from old magazines:

Old Magazines can be very creatively used to make coaster. The coasters made of magazine looks colorful and attractive and are inexpensive.

Method: Cut the cover of magazine into thick strips. Then join these strips with glue. Apply glue to one side and roll the strip, roll it bit tightly. After rolling all the strips together a circular mass is obtained. Color it with any of your favorite color and you can also make design on its edge.

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