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Farmer utilizes poo-power to become energy-efficient

anaerobic digester
The recession is still far from being over, so everyone is devising his or her own methods to cut down on expenses. It becomes still better if you add sustainability to it. That’s the reason, maybe, that Shawn Saylor, a Pittsburgh farmer, came up with his ingenious manure-harvesting, energy-generating technology. It saves him $200,000 a year in cost-offsets and sale of electricity.

Employs anaerobic digestion to create energy:

Saylor set up a 19,000-gallon tank for manure. Via a mechanical scraper, he collects manure in it, which is further passed on to a 16-foot-deep, 70-foot-diameter digestor. After going through 16 days’ bacterial breakdown, the slurry of the organic material produces methane. This methane is further utilized to power two generators. Along with the power generated, it also supplies the buildings around the farm with heating solutions.

Saylor takes pride in his achievements and wishes to expand his farm with the intention that more sustainably cheaper energy is produced.

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