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Children will be children, but they are still bound by the law. Unfortunately, children and teenagers sometimes fail to recognize the difference between harmless fun and breaking the law. This is why parental guidance is needed to help them avoid […]


Most of us are united by the common fear of public speaking or stage fright. It is not uncommon for people to shy away from a stage when presented an opportunity. It requires confidence and self esteem to be a


Children are more prone to be influenced by their dreams, especially nightmares. They are easy to fall prey to illusions and are quite vulnerable to other aspects of dreaming too. A young child waking up screaming and crying and the

Nightmares among Children

Writing is a skill that doesn’t develop overnight. It takes plenty of patience and learning, with a lot of backstage preparation in order to emerge as a successful writer. If your kid shows signs of sporting even the smallest writing

Writing Skills of Children

Travel sickness or more commonly referred to as motion sickness is a common condition in which a person feels nauseous, exhausted, and dizzy due to a disagreement between the brain and the ears, eyes, and nerves when they travel in


Smartphones are taking over the digital world by storm. There is no work or activity that cannot be completed if you have a smartphone at your disposal. Having said that, young kids and even toddlers are becoming friendlier with the

Mobile Technology to Children

Hypertension is a condition that can occur in anyone, at any age and sex. Even children are not completely safe from falling prey to this condition. Due to the type of lifestyle led by most people nowadays, hypertension is a

Hypertension in Children

Every child comes to the age when they enter into puberty. Generally, in boys, this happens before they turn 9 while in girls it is before the age of 8. Sometimes there are some children who get into puberty very


As times are advancing, kids are becoming more exposed to health hazards. A parent can never be sure if their teenagers are at safe distance from drugs, alcohol, or the likes. Teenagers, who can very well be classified as kids,


Any new parent will agree to the fact that having a toddler at home is nothing less than a challenge. From feeding and attending to them, to looking after their physical needs, clothes, and playthings, all can be quite exhausting,

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