Cleaning Guide for A Home with Toddlers

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Any new parent will agree to the fact that having a toddler at home is nothing less than a challenge. From feeding and attending to them, to looking after their physical needs, clothes, and playthings, all can be quite exhausting, both physically and mentally. The biggest challenge is that of keeping your house clean. Looking after the needs of a single small child is difficult, let alone twins or triplets. If despite all your hard efforts, your home constantly seems to be coming down upon you, you need to undertake some of the following measures to make your time peaceful with your toddler at home:

Limit toys and their accessible areas:


Do not purchase toys or other stuff just because you find it pretty or your child insists upon it. Have a limited number of play items for your kid which he/she can take care of on their own. Another way of avoiding a mess is to only allow your child to play in certain areas of the house. Doing this will prevent your entire house from being covered in toys which may not be a welcoming sight for unexpected guests.

Clean frequently with your toddler:


In the first few years of their life, you might have to clean everything for them. But, as your child grows older, tag them along in cleaning their stuff. Do not yet ask them to accompany you in cleaning the rest of the house, but when it comes to their own toys or clothes, use them to help you out. They may not be of much help initially, but will definitely learn to create a little less mess and wind up their own belongings as the days and years go by.

Involve your children:


Not just your toddler, involve any other older child you may have in the process of cleaning your house. Make it known to them that if they clutter the place, it is only up to them to clean it up. They will now think twice before messing up the area if they are made to do the cleaning. Also, do not be very harsh or hurtful to them, but make them aware that their parents are humans too and get tired. You can employ them to do small tasks like dusting furniture or wiping the walls. These activities will not tire them out, and also make them feel important as contributors.

Be open and flexible:


Children are not perfect. They have frequent mood swings and may throw tantrums. In case such a situation arises, deal with it with patience and plenty of compassion. The only way your child will learn is by witnessing your actions instead of paying attention to your words. Make sure you do it yourself before you preach it. A little love and patience will definitely help you go a long way in instilling the importance of cleanliness and neatness in your child.

Other measures:


  • Purchase wooden toys in the stead of plastic ones. The former will last longer and better as compared to the latter which will wear away, only adding to your pile of junk in no time.
  • Declutter your house of unimportant stuff with which your child hardly plays. Keep only those which they like. This will help negate the unnecessary accumulation of your kids’ toys.
  • Mentor your child’s cleaning habits. Allow them to participate in the cleaning spree of the house you or your older kids might undertake.
  • Clean frequently and do not put everything for the last. The latter will take up more time and will also drain you out.

Summing it up:

Let’s face it. A home with toddlers can be a mess and a disaster. A nosey, crying baby running around, coupled with your tiredness from working all day can lead you to bitterness and irritability. But think of it this way: your child’s childhood is not going to last forever. Your child may not even want to play with toys after a few more years. Crying babies who demand your attention will not continue to do so as they grow older. You cannot skip it, and you cannot avoid it. All you can do is enjoy it while it lasts.

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