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Few internet boomed companies have diversified as much and as rapidly as Amazon. Started as an online bookstore, Amazon later dived into the retail market selling everything from DVDs, Blu-rays and video games to furniture, food, toys, and even jewelry. […]

The Smart Stand Carpet Made from natural materials, this eco-friendly carpet is a refreshing change from the regular carpet. The fundamental ingredient that is used for crafting purposes is corn.  Processed sugar which is extracted is used as the key


Smartphone is today the biggest utility device – a device that none of us can do without. The handsets are smart not just because they can let you make receive calls, messages or update Facebook status, but simple because of


Thinking of a perfect gift to give somebody or a gift for your home then do consider smart home gadgets. They are ideal gifts you can buy for your home or gift to other people as well. Here are some


The smart home market keeps renewing its available stock of home automation technologies and keep coming up with the better and the more efficient ones. Smart home kits is one such technology that is making quite a difference in homes

littleBits Smart Home Kit

The future of smart home technology seems even brighter and smarter than what it is today, and it has to be so, or else, nobody would be looking forward to the smart home projects of future. Here is a rundown

Hi-Can Bed

Home automation devices are getting smart with every passing day aiming to make our lives better and safe than ever before. Here is a rundown on some of the smart home gadgets equipped with great technology that is adept to

Neeo Universal remote

If you are yearning to make your smart home all the more safe and you are on a lookout for some new more efficient security devices then you are on the right page. There are many new home security devices

DefenDoor home security system

The latest and the most lucrative feature home automations devices are offering today are health benefits. Home automation has brought immense convenience and comfort to our lives and now it is time for us all to reap their health benefits.

Nymi is a smart wearable device

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), a name associated with high quality, very efficient remote control options for residential, commercial, and transportation applications. RTI is an ideal option for those looking for remote controls that are obviously good in their work but

KX1 In-Wall Keypad
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