The future is now: Seeing the stunning technology for a smart home

Hi-Can Bed

The future of smart home technology seems even brighter and smarter than what it is today, and it has to be so, or else, nobody would be looking forward to the smart home projects of future. Here is a rundown on some of the extremely high-tech and impressive smart home systems of tomorrow, which are going to change our lives in the near future only for good. Have a look at them, some of which are at work and other are just concepts as of now.

Google’s touch your clothes or gesture control technology

Smart watches and other wearable are undoubtedly smart inventions but people using them sometimes experience the fat finger problem, which is a difficulty to operate tiny buttons and touch screens. Google is soon coming with two unique and helpful solutions for this problem, either swipe your thumb and finger together, or swipe on the conductive yarn patch woven on your clothing. Google is working in collaboration with the Levi Strauss to integrate fabric touch panels in clothing.

The Chillhub

GE’s First Build is working on a range of future smart home applications and the Chillhub is one of them. A smart fridge that is one of its kinds as of now, as it has apps. Ubuntu Core runs Chillhub, which means any Ubuntu developer can design apps for it. Its headquarters in Louisville are open for anybody who wants to try out his own idea to create the next generation of smart products.

An unbelievably smart future kitchen

It is not far when the future kitchen surfaces will never cease to amaze and astonish you by telling you what is there in your fridge, what is cooking, what is spoiling, and what your kitchen is running low at. It will alert you whenever a food item is about to spoil and it will also suggest you what you should be cooking for dinner or lunch. The smart containers that suggest you recipes depending upon the ingredients available and the countertops that are touch-screen interactive panels, too exciting it seems and we really cannot wait for such a cool technology for long.

Hi-Can Bed

Hi-Can Bed

Oh! Is this a real plan or just a dream? The Hi-Can is a futuristic and extremely surprising piece of furniture that could leave you in awe for many days to come. It is a new and an exciting take on the traditional four-poster bed that just does not feels like the one form this planet owing to immense comfort and its entertaining aspects.

The blinds that you can control with a remote control, which can give pitch darkness at anytime of the day, ideal for superb privacy. The built-in HD projector with top range audio system allows you to have a theatre like experience right there in your bed.

Self-Cleaning Auto-Ordering Fridge

Taking out time and putting efforts to clean a fridge truly is a frustrating task but who says it is necessary to do so. If you find it annoying then you just have to wait a bit and then start using a fridge that cleans itself on its own and helps you order ingredients once it starts running low on some. It auto scans the shelves to watch out for ingredients and then suggest you recipes, prevents wastage of food, and self-cleaning remaining the best feature for sure.

Designers and manufacturers of smart home applications are incorporating technologies that are even more smart and efficient than ever before to make our lives convenient and happier.

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