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Nymi is a smart wearable device

The latest and the most lucrative feature home automations devices are offering today are health benefits. Home automation has brought immense convenience and comfort to our lives and now it is time for us all to reap their health benefits. Some are just concepts at this time while the others are ready to take control of you and your health. Here are some of the home automation devices that not only help making life comfortable but healthy as well.

Smart Homes that Monitor Breathing and Heart Rate

It might seem a far-fetched idea to you but it is soon going to turn into reality with the super unique innovation “Vital-Radio.” A device that you can seamlessly implant into the walls of your home and it will monitor your breathing and heart rate pattern, and alerting you whenever there is even least amount of irregularity in your pattern.

Vital Radio is going to be of great help for human beings, as it would not let its users fall prey to stress and depression, and other health conditions because it will keep informing on time, thus, preventing its turning into a big health condition.

The Nymi

Nymi is a smart wearable device

Nymi is a smart wearable device that authenticates your identity by pairing itself to your heartbeat. Imagine yourself walking to your home and the door automatically opens, you enter inside and the lights switch on, sets the room temperature and so on. You forgot password of your laptop, forgot car keys inside, the Nymi would do it all with the help of your heartbeat. Just as everybody has different finger prints, the electrical signals based in the heart are also different, and this is what Nymi uses as a factor to differentiate owners from visitors and unknown people.

Smart Pill Bottle

It is unfortunate but diabetes is affecting almost half the population worldwide owing to the change in lifestyle and food habits. To keep it in control or to get rid of it, one requires taking medicine at strictly controlled intervals so that there is no chance your diabetes goes out of control. Knowing this still, some people tend to forget taking medicine on time. The smart pill bottles are especially designed for such people as it reminds a person to take medicines on time.


@HOME is a series of temperature sensors that work on batteries and one can install them in room’s to ensure everyone’s safety, especially kids and the aged at home. You can hang these sensors on the walls of every room and it works well provided there are not more than four people in one room. The controller collects information regarding member’s whereabouts using the sensor data. The sensors and the controller match member’s whereabouts with that of the furniture placement in a room and generate a report. @HOME sends notifications on Smartphone whenever it senses something wrong and dangerous.

Smart fridge

Smart fridge that uses minimum power or that notifies you whenever it runs low on a particular ingredient stored inside sounds old now. The latest innovation is a fridge that is so smart and comes under the category of digital healthcare. It suggests you recipes depending upon the ingredients stored in it, keeps telling you the dietary requirements, and also warns when it runs low on a particular thing stored in it. The refrigerator scans a person’s body and let them know what vitamins and proteins their body is demanding, and tells what you have overeaten.

Home automation systems and devices do not just focus on making people’s lives convenient but healthy as well. They are the devices that take good care of people’s health along with simplifying their lives.

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