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Lead Generation in Medical Tourism

Lead generation in medical and wellness tourism is a top priority but is very tricky. The ever-evolving dynamics of medical tourism and wellness tourism are making things more difficult. Marketers are confused about whom to target and how. Dr Prem and Associates, the #1 medical tourism and wellness tourism consultant in the globe makes your lead generation effort stressless with clear-cut strategies driven by advanced tools and technology.

Unfocused lead generation waste more yield few. This means consuming more resources and poor hit rates. It shoots up patient acquisition costs making your business unsustainable. Led by Dr Prem, the award-winning Global Tech Expert with associates based in more than 35 countries, Dr Prem & Associates have helped hundreds of medical tourism and wellness tourism businesses all over the world get the best quality leads that convert.

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Why Lead Generation

Why Lead Generation?

Do you know the best scenario for closing a sale? It happens when a prospect or lead learns about your brand and buys your service without much intervention. Such a scenario is rare. The process is tedious and there is no magic formula. You are more likely to reach out to the wrong people who do not need the service and neither they are desirous of it. Lead generation is all about finding the right customers who are just a nudge away from buying.

With the right lead-generation strategies, you will reap the following benefits:

Why Dr Prem & Associates?

For effective lead generation in medical and wellness tourism, you need to offer your consumers something unique who will instantly leave their contact information for further communication. We have been closely studying the medical and wellness tourism market dynamics since long before these markets gained widespread attention. With our time-tested strategies and advanced tech, Dr Prem & Associates generate more than 6500 leads per month. Our methods are stressless, quicker, and ensure good ROI.

At Dr Prem and Associates, we help you with:

Dr Prem Lead Generation

Getting Leads that convert

What is your average lead conversion rate? The average landing page conversion ranges between 20-25%. How many quality leads do you generate? Are your marketers aware of it? Marketers often fail to differentiate between poor and high-quality leads. Thousands of leads that hardly convert are of no use.

Dr Prem and Associates’ lead generation service in medical and wellness tourism helps you with the following to increase the lead quality and conversions:

How We Do?

A medical tourism or wellness tourism lead regardless of its origin goes through a specific process or journey before becoming your client. This includes several phases: awareness, attraction, outreach, and conversion. Several well-planned actions are essential to nudge these prospective leads through the sales funnel or the journey.

We help you with the following activities in lead generation:

Analysing and Planning Lead Generation

Analysing and Planning Lead Generation

Given the dynamic nature of medical and wellness tourism markets, it is imperative to deeply study the changing consumer behavior and demands. Else you will not be able to plan your lead generation. Most marketing efforts fail in this aspect. 

The experience and expertise of Dr Prem & Associates will help you in lead generation planning as follows:

Comprehensive research and competitive analysis

Sound research sets the tone of lead generation. Without in-depth research and proper competitive analysis, you will not be able to create the ICP ( ideal customer profile) for lead generation in medical and wellness tourism. It will help you find who is your ideal customer(s), where they are, and how they behave.

Dr Prem’s research analysis in lead generation works on the following:

Comprehensive research and competitive analysis

Mapping the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Who is your patient? This is the first question that you should have a clear answer to determine your ICP. It will take you closer to getting the idea of high-quality leads for your medical tourism and wellness tourism business. Dr Prem & Associates’ rich experience in customer profiling in medical and wellness tourism in various organizations all over the world will help you in:

Lead Magnet Creation Support

A great website is essential but not enough to generate leads in medical and wellness tourism. You need to place a series of attractions as lead magnets to drive your potential customers toward you. With our global exposure to attractive factors of medical and wellness tourism, we will help you create the best lead magnets that will pull quality leads from the competitive market You will get exclusive and unique support in the following:

Landing page for lead generation

A great landing page is the heart and soul of the lead generation in medical and wellness tourism. Prospective patients and customers should not only be pleased with the design but will look for something of value.  Dr Prem & Associate have worked on countless landing pages on medical and wellness tourism helping many global organizations grow into popular brands.

In landing page creation, you will get the following:

Landing page for lead generation

Setting lead Generation Touch Points

Interaction of potential leads in medical and wellness tourism with your brand can be online and offline. To maximize the chances of getting leads in your medical and wellness tourism business, we will help in setting up frictionless touchpoints. Your leads will enjoy the interaction and move on to the next phase of the sales funnel. A poor experience at one of the touchpoints can make your customers walk away.

Our lead generation service in medical and wellness tourism will help you in the following:

Lead Nurturing

All leads never convert but you can increase the chances of conversions with consistent nurturing. Patients and customers are always wary of beyond-the-border travel for healthcare and well-being. How to build trust? The only way is to offer something valuable through great content.

We at Dr Prem & Associates handle lots of international patient queries every day. None but us know better their unique and surprising behavior. We go out of the way in lead nurturing where you will get:

Lead Nurturing
AI Lead Generation

Support for AI-based lead generation

The future of marketing is AI-based lead generation. Automated lead generation gives valuable customer insights faster enabling you to curate personalized and targeted messages to win quality leads. Companies using AI for sales have seen 50% growth in leads, a 60-70% reduction in call times, and 40-60% cost savings. Dr Prem & Associates generates thousands of leads every month.

We will help you in:

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