10 tips for preventing travel sickness in children


Travel sickness or more commonly referred to as motion sickness is a common condition in which a person feels nauseous, exhausted, and dizzy due to a disagreement between the brain and the ears, eyes, and nerves when they travel in a car, plane, or a ship.

It can even affect grownups which makes kids especially more susceptible to it. Kids can get easily irritable and upset when travel sickness hits them which can create a difficult situation for you to deal with when all you want is to enjoy your vacations with your kids. Follow these 10 tips religiously to have a happy vacation with your kids.

Roll down the windows


It is important that you have enough air ventilation in the car you are traveling to prevent travel sickness. Inadequate ventilation can make your kid sick as soon as the ride starts. Roll down the windows of the car so that air can pass freely through the vehicle. It will make your child feel a lot better.

Pick the right seat

Your child is less prone to motion sickness at the front or middle seat than the back seat. Make sure that your bundle of joy is seated at the right place. Also, ensure that he is seated right next to the window so that fresh air is available and in case he has to throw up, there is an easy access to the window.

Keep a tab on food intake


Another important aspect that you should keep in mind is food. You should not feed your kid heavy, greasy, and spicy food and dairy products before traveling. The best time to have food is an hour before the journey. And if possible, try to avoid feeding them food while traveling.

But at the same time, don’t let them travel on an empty stomach as it causes fatigue and dizziness.

Comfortable clothes are a must

If your kid is wearing a tight-fitted outfit, he is more likely to have travel sickness. Ensure that they are wearing loose and comfortable clothes while traveling so that their organs are not squished together inside.

Go for pajamas or loose fitted pants that allow easy movements.

Take breaks


Traveling for hours without any breaks can make anybody sick let alone kids. If you have a long journey ahead of you, make sure you take rest stops to let your kids refresh and unwind. And if you see that your kid is about to get sick, stop the car before they create a mess inside the car.

Use pressure on wrists

According to acupressure, if you apply pressure on the inside of the wrists, you can lower down the sensation of nausea. You can use the technique if your kid is nauseous. An alternative to the technique is using wristbands. Wristbands will apply pressure on wrists the same way as it can be applied manually.

Consider medications


If you think that nothing can help your child, giving him a medicine might prove to be beneficial. Make sure you carry a medical kit with basic medicines in it. Stock up on medicines for nausea and headache and ensure that the medicines are age appropriate.

Keep anti-nausea candies

The taste of ginger, lemon, and orange can curb nausea while traveling. Stock up on lemon, orange, and ginger candies in your medical kit and give them to your kids to pop them occasionally to prevent travel sickness on a long ride.

Turn on the AC


Heat can induce and make travel sickness worse. Just like we mentioned above, proper ventilation is important. If you are traveling during the hot season, keep the temperature cool inside your vehicle to ensure that your kid is comfortable. It will keep him from feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Distract them

Motion sickness can be avoided if your children are provided with some kind of distraction. Give them a book to read, or a game to play; you could even pack their favorite toys and movies to keep the travel sickness at bay. Try to talk to them to keep them further entertained.

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