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What should you do when you are expecting a power cut?

Someone who has to deal with frequent power cuts can relate to how extremely disruptive and problematic they can be. Short power cuts can be dealt with but life comes to halt when a long power cut hits you, especially if you are someone who relies on electricity. Even though you cannot control power cuts, there are things you should do if you know a power cut is on its way.
Charge your phone, laptop, and portable charger

Charge your phone,

Since we cannot survive without our beloved gadgets, the first thing you should do is make sure that everything is charged. Plug in your phone, laptop, and portable charger to charge them so that they don’t run out of their juices when you need them the most.

Stay on your guard

Some people might try to take advantage of the darkness and might try to break into houses. You will need to stay vigilant especially if you live in a place where the crime rates are high; shut your doors and windows securely and stay close to your loved ones.

Keep cash


You might not be able to withdraw cash or use your cards during a power cut, and buying things will be a problem in such a scenario. Keep some cash handy in case that happens.

Stock up on water

Relying on your water purifier to supply you with clean water at all times is a mistake if you live in a zone that is prone to long power cuts. Always keep a stock of fresh, clean water in a cool place.

Use up the food in refrigerator

 food in refrigerator

As soon as the electricity goes off, the food in your refrigerator will start going bad. Before the fridge warms up and your food gets spoilt, consume the perishable items.

Stock up on food

You will not be able to use your electronics like microwave, refrigerator to prepare food which will be the biggest problem during a power cut. It is best to stock up on packaged food items that are long lasting. Another option is to arrange for a stove to cook food.

Have sufficient light sources


You will need multiple light sources to move around in dark. A single flashlight will not be enough and if its battery runs out, you will be stuck. You need to ensure that you have multiple light sources like flashlights, lanterns, and lamps with extra batteries for each.

Stay inside your home

Traveling during a power cut may not be the best idea if you live in a place where the traffic lights are ignored. Unless it is absolutely essential, stay inside your house till the electricity comes back on.

Use blankets


If you rely on a room heater during the cold season, you will find it hard to deal with the chill during a blackout. Take out your blankets and use them to keep yourself warm till you can use your room heater again.

Keep your porch light on

If you are expecting a power cut, it would be a great idea to keep your porch light on. When the light goes off, you will know that there is a power cut and it will also help electric companies to figure out that the electricity is restored in your house when the power cut ends.

Enjoy the time

Enjoy the time

We are all so used to our gadgets that we can spend hours on them without even realizing. We tend to neglect our surroundings until we are forced to put our gadgets away.

Take a power cut as a chance to bond with your loved ones by spending some time with them till the electricity is restored. You can play games, have a candlelit dinner, or simply sit and talk; hours will pass by quickly and you will not even realize the inconvenience caused by a blackout.

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