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Tips for selecting appropriate artwork for your home


Works of art enhance the beauty of your home. If you select wisely, they can also be worthwhile investments. While selecting artwork for your home, you have to first think how you can build an enviable collection. While designing the interior, you should think and plan for the paintings and sculptures which you would be buying, and maybe design spaces especially, so that your artworks are displayed to maximum advantage. If you’re a novice collector, you would definitely be confused by the huge number of choices in the market. Here are a few tips using which you can buy the right artwork for your home:

Look at a lot of art before buying


Selecting artwork can be exciting and provide you with a sense of satisfaction when you buy the appropriate art. Even though many say that you should buy what you like, if you want to buy from the point of investment, you should buy art which has the potential to withstand the test of time. To get an idea of this, look at the work of old masters, as well as modern artists, whose works are in the best museums of the world.

You should visit famous galleries, outdoor exhibitions and look at art online. There are millions of paintings online, and once you start looking, you would know whether you like abstract work, or figurative, impressionism or landscapes. There are sculptures too, which you can see online, made of different materials, and have different themes. Photographs are also an option, and you can select photographs, paintings, and sculptures to have an interesting mix of artwork in your home.

Try to buy from artists instead of galleries

Once you are clear about the art you want to buy, you can check out online auctions. To get the best value, buy from artists directly or artists who represent themselves, rather than going through a consultant or gallery. Contemporary, Folk art and S.R.A are the sections which might yield good results for you. Do read the feedback about the artist, and ask whatever questions you may have before bidding. If you don’t get any response, (give a little time for response), find another artist. Also check in the feedback whether the delivery was made in time, arrived in good condition and so on.

Visit art shows in local/nearby art schools


Students of art schools are budding artists, and if you’re lucky and have a good eye, you may pick up work from student/s who might become quite famous in the future, driving the price of your work in future. You can also buy more work for less, and have a choice of paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and so on, in one place.

Select by size

Select artworks by size, as pieces which are too big, will overwhelm the space in your home. Similarly, artworks which are too small would not be able to hold the space, and will not have the effect it should. However, some works of art can be quite striking and can hold their own even when they are displayed in a large space. Bold art needs more ‘white space’ so keep that in mind when you are buying a painting.

Change the room if the artwork doesn’t suit


You may have bought a painting with a particular room in mind, but when you reach home and place it on the pedestal or wall, it may look incongruous. Try hanging the painting in another room, where it looks best. If required, change the wallpaper, or repaint in a neutral color so that your expensive investment looks the best.
Hang correctly

Paintings ought to be hung in a way that the painting’s center is at your eye level. Sculpture can be placed on the floor or on tables. You don’t have to follow any rules, however, but follow your own instinct.

Let the artwork take center stage


Play down other elements in the room such as wall and window coverings, carpeting, even furniture.

Framing your paintings, (not canvases), will make them stand out even more, and help to conserve them. Don’t be limited to genre, tone, scale but try to build a collection which is cohesive but can belong to many different styles.

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