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8 Winter hacks that will help you stay warm this season

During the winters, we do a lot to keep our homes warm. While some of us use the fireplace, some use the heater. There are a few other ways that you can increase the temperature in your house without making a hole in your pocket. Here are 8 awesome simple hacks that you can use to tackle these winters no matter how harsh they are.

Using bubble wrap for insulation purposes


If you do not have a double glazed window then you can create one yourself by using bubble wrap. Just like how the double glazed windows prevent the warm air from going out; the bubble wrap will do the same. In this idea measure the size of the window and cut the bubble wrap accordingly. Then, spray water on the window and cover it with bubble wrap. The sprayed water helps to keep the wrap in place so that you get the same effect of the double glazed windows.

Fill small gaps like keyholes

Another way to prevent the warmth of the house from escaping is by feeling small gaps. Cover places like the keyholes or any gaps on the window frames and doors. Along with that, even check areas like pipes, kitchen cabinets and sink outlet pipes for your dishwasher and washing machine. You can use small pieces of aluminum foil or cotton and stuff the areas accordingly.

Use thicker curtains during winters


Thick fabric can also help a lot during winters. All you have to do is replace your present curtains with thicker ones. If you do not have thick curtains, you do not have to worry. Simple ways to work around it is by stitching two curtains together and then using them. This way, you can change the sides of the curtains whenever you want and you have a thick curtain for the winters.

Increasing the room temperature with a piece of ice

One of the best ways to do this trick is to use the ice packs you get at the medical store. Place the frozen ice pack on top of the thermostat. You will notice the room becoming warmer as the temperature changes.

The reason why this happens is that the thermostat is designed to only sense the temperature around the unit. When you place the ice pack on top of the thermostat, it fools the unit to think that the temperature is cooler around it.

Rugs and carpets are your winter companion


During the winters, using your rugs and carpets is a good idea to keep the floors warm. This will not only add a new look to your house but in fact, they are also the best ways to prevent heat loss. For those who want to insulate their bare floors, rugs or carpets will easily do the trick.

Make changes to your bedding

A warm and cozy bed is always welcomed during the winters. Well, you can prepare your bed for the winters by making a few changes. No doubt, using thick bed sheets and quilts will do the trick, but you can even make your bed warmer with a small trick.

For this, you only need two woolen blankets. Place one of them under the mattress and one below your bed sheet. Right under the bed set, if there is an empty place, you can place a carpet or stock up a few storage boxes. This way you can prevent your bed from becoming cold because of the temperature.

Using the oven heat for the kitchen area


During the winters, it is recommended that you use the oven most of the time. There are two reasons behind this, the first is that you can bake up some good dishes and learn a new recipe. The second is that once you are done with the oven, you can use the heat generated inside to warm the kitchen area.

Using Aluminum foil

During the winters, the windows are the easiest way for the warm air to escape. To prevent that you can use aluminum foil. Measure the height and width of the radiator so that you can cut the pieces of aluminum foil accordingly.  Place these foil pieces just behind the radiator, while doing this make sure that the dull side faces the wall and the shiny side faces the radiator. This will help to bounce the warm air back into the house instead of seeping it out.

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