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Couples can bond better by understanding these strain causing factors


In the recent years, we have seen the divorce rates increasing to an astounding level. If you take a deep look into the reasons behind divorces today, a lot of them can easily be avoided if couples just sit down and talk things out. Many relations today are floating on troubled waters due to petty reasons such as


  • Lack of quality time spent with each other
  • Misunderstandings and assumptions due to lack of communication
  • Stress, tension and other such issues because of the way our lives have become
  • Work has taken over our lives giving us less time to be with our loved ones.
  • Financial concerns and constraints also cause a drift
  • Bottled up emotions which often have deadly consequences

A look at the reality of relations today

The fall of a relation is not just because of one person. The whole he said she said factor has become more of a way to come out of a relation. While some people compromise with the situation and stay in the relation even if they are not happy, there are few that live on a hook. You also have couples who still maintain their relation but lead their own individual lives. The deep routed fact is that today there are more unhappy couples in comparison to the happy couples. And in case you live in a studio apartment, then space is the biggest constrain that you have.

The impacts of strain and stress on relationships


When a person is stressed out, he or she becomes very edgy, irritated and off mood. Due to this, the ability of understanding things is hampered to such an extent that it often leads to a constant struggle of handling situations. The strain that is caused due to this on relationships causes more damages. It also leads to fights, arguments and saying things that we often do not mean.

Relationship problems due to psychological issues

Over the years, the number of people that have developed anxiety or depression have increased. These are underlying problems which change a person so much that there comes a point where you just cannot recognize them. Anger, shame, guilt, low self-esteem and other such negative emotions develop very easily.  If physiological issues are not addressed at the right time, they not only becomes a strain on the partner but can also result in suicidal attempts.

Relations are turning ugly to a point they result in domestic abuse

domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is also a growing concern in many couples today. From abusing each other verbally to even physical, mental and emotional abuse, most relations have it all. A victim of abuse in any form often goes into a shell; this can ruin marriages and end up in divorces. People often think it is ok to abuse a person especially their partners. Making them bend down to whatever is said; getting them to do things that are not within their power and even making compromises, which can be so unreal that it just takes away a person’s identity. All these are a part of the abuse that is common today. What we fail to understand is that a person may behave like this due to an underlying problem, which is not out in the open.

People are just falling out of love as easy as they fell in love

Love today has a new definition; it has become more of a convenience than a reality. If you look at many couples today, falling in love has become as easy as falling out of love. There is a fine line between liking a person and loving them, but unfortunately, today, people often make mistakes when it comes to love. Even proposals are now digitalized. People send digital messages to get into a relationship or even to ask someone if they will marry the person. Such relations do not last and this is another reason why the rates of divorce are increasing drastically. Before getting into a relationship or marriage, it is essential to first understand if you like the person or actually love them.

Sex has become more of a priority than a necessity


Another reason why many couples tend to drift apart is due to the extreme want or lack of sex. Sex is vital for a relationship. However, when it becomes the main reason for being in a relation, that is not called love. Similarly, respecting the fact that your partner may not just be in the mood to get into it is also important. A balanced sex life is essential for a healthy relationship, but when you make it a priority, it is not actually termed as a relationship but more of a compromise or lust. Another fact to note on this front is that many couples today indulge in sexual activity even before the relation actually takes off.

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