Ways in which online dating has commercialized human relations

There was a time when dating was face to face under the skies and spending quality time with a person. Today the virtual world has changed the whole face of dating. No doubt, online dating bridges the gap for people from various countries. However, along with this benefit, there also lies a downfall where people are no longer people but have become commodities.

Humans and commodities what is the difference

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If you are scratching your head and wondering why we are calling humans as commodities, then we have a simple answer for you. If you look at a lot of dating apps and platforms today, people can choose and choose, accept or reject people just with the help of a profile( that we cannot say is true or not) a picture ( which may or may not be them) and a few sets of words that we tend to believe.

People can swipe or accept without even getting to know the person. This is very similar to what we do when we go buy something from the market. We choose what we find is appealing without even knowing if it is actually helpful for us or not. This is the reason why today, people have become more of a commodity than remaining as humans.

Are we really looking to date?

Online dating is more of a game today, it is not just about finding a good match but instead it has become more of a way to kill the boredom and void that a lot of us have. For some, it is just to add that spice in their life. The question we often forget to ask ourselves is that are we actually looking out to date somebody or do we just want to pass our time.

Dating a person is more of convienence

 traditional days dating

Back in the traditional days, dating was a special thing that was shared between two people who felt a strong connection and wanted to take things to a new level. Today, the whole scenario of dating has changed. It has become more of a convenience where people only look to see what suits them and what does not.

It is not a priority if things do not work out

Dating is more like sailing on a boat and fishing. This is a reality and as much as many may deny, the fact of the matter is that today when people date each other, for most of them, if it does not work out, it is not a big deal. Very often, we hear people talk about their new found date/dates. Just like how there are many fish in the sea, similarly, online dating gives people options. People rarely pay head to emotions. It is more of who gets a good catch and who does not.

Let us bring in the focus of dating now

online dating

The reality of online dating and its priority is different from what really meets the eye. As much as today, people may deny this fact. However, reality of online dating is more based on the concept of virtual sex and sexting. This may sound sketchy, but even studies and research has shown that for many people, online dating is more about sex than finding a partner. The so-called sex interview is used to judge if a person is actually suitable for them or not. Today, this has become a tool that people use to take care of their so-called urges and wants.

A final note on why online dating is a game

Online dating may be fun and does give us a chance to meet new people, but the reality is that online dating has actually become a game of choosing who is right for us and who is not. It is more of a convenience to pass our time. Dating at one point of time was a way for people to spend time with their partner, it has now become a way for people to just pass their time and cater to urges and wants. This is the main reason why, you can clearly state that online dating is more of a game than a way to find a potential match for your future mate.

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