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There are so many cases where we hear about people reaching their true potential and becoming successful in life. Even if you look at the greatest names that go down in history, the one thing you will find, apart from their hard work and dedication, is something that was close to their heart, which in turn helped them in reaching their full potential. Their contribution towards the evolution of Human Development and various other fields has built a Foundation for others to understand which made them a true inspiration for many.

Whether you talk about martin Luther King, Gandhi or even Einstein for that matter, you will see that the reason they were successful in what they did in their Respective domains was because they not only had faith in themselves, they also reached their full potential and success by facing the various challenges that came their way. So, what is it that they did to reach their full potential that a lot of people still struggle with.

The key show your true potential is by identifying it

true potential

Before you walk on the path of exploring your actual potential, it is important that you first identify it. The best way to understand this would be to be honest yourself and answer the simple question ‘what is it that you love to do the most’. The answer to this question will give you the direction of where you need to go and what you need to target in order to achieve your goal. For example, A lot of us are not happy with the job we have because somewhere we feel a void inside us. However, the minute we do something that we love, we find immense pleasure and happiness and do not mind walking that extra mile with a smile. When you do something from your heart you do it 100%, this 100% is the key to your potential.

The biggest factor is commitment

No matter what you do, nothing is worth it if you are not committed to it. Your commitment is based on two important factors

  1. Understanding the fact that change is inevitable and that is the only thing that is constantly around you.
  2. In order to be committed you have to be inspired. This inspiration only comes when you listen to your heart and feel happy to do what you are doing.

Baby steps help in reaching your true potential

true potential

When you focus on a goal, you cannot rush into it. Instead, the journey of accomplishing your goal requires you to take one-step at a time. Each step, big or small, is a stepping-stone to your success. It isn’t about accomplishing your goal but it is about what you have learnt during the process of working towards it. If you have to define success, it is not about your bank balance, social standing, achievements or Merits. It is about the knowledge you have gained during your journey of reaching towards your goal.

The stepping-stones of your true potential is failure

Before a child learns to run, it is essential for him or her to learn how to walk, and before they learn to walk, it is essential that they learn how to stand. In the process of learning to stand child keeps on falling down but the question here is does he or she give up? The answer is no, every time you fall down or you fail in something you get one-step closer towards reaching your full potential. After every dark night, there’s always a new hope of the sunshine. Similarly, every failure is followed by a new hope of getting up and moving on. This is why failure is a lot better than success. And this is the main reason why failure is considered as the stepping-stone to success and reaching your full potential.

Concluding note and a thought to ponder

true potential

If you want to reach your true potential, it is essential that you first understand the basic truth that without commitment, determination, focus and acceptance you can never reach your potential, no matter how hard you try. The day you open your arms and accept the downfall of life is the day you have taken the first step towards understanding what your real potential is.

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