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Why Does a Box of Roses Always Prove to be a Great Gift?

Gift a Box of Roses

What are the gifts that you like giving to your friends and loved ones? Would you ever consider gifting roses? If yes, then it would make you glad to know that people around the world spend vast sums of money on gifting flowers to people. Not that the flowers come at a cheap price tag. However, the flowers that many people love gifting are roses. And there is nothing better than a box of roses to gift to your loved ones. However, bouquets are a popular choice. But lately, a box of roses has started gaining prominence.

Here is why you should gift them:

Why Should You Gift a Box of Roses?

Although this might be new for many, more people are shifting towards gifting roses inside boxes. Here are the reasons why:

1. Manageable

box of roses is more manageable

A box of roses is more manageable than a bouquet. And many people would vouch for this. Most of the time, people have to take out the roses from the bouquet and place it in a vase to become manageable. Nevertheless, with a box, this is not the case. In fact, with passing time, companies are introducing more shapes, sizes, and varieties of boxes. Thus, making them a perfect decorative piece as-is.

2. Unique

Gifting roses in bouquet form is cliché. Boxes not only make the other person feel special, but they are also a new form of gifting roses. If you are always looking for something new and different, then you should gift your loved ones’ box of roses. The boxes price varies according to their size and shape. As different sizes of boxes hold a different number of roses.

3. Holds an Emotional Value

roses hold an emotional value

Unlike other flowers, roses hold an emotional value. As every color of rose symbolizes a different emotion. Thus, making it a suitable gift choice for anyone who is not that expressive with his/her words. Your choice of the rose color will convey the message to the person you are gifting it to.

What Does the Color of Roses Mean?

As mentioned above, there is a meaning or emotion attached to every color of a rose. Here is a list of the prominent colors the roses are available in and the meaning that they hold:

1. Red


Red-colored roses are amongst the most gifted ones. And rightfully so. Red-colored roses symbolize love. Now, many people confuse this for romantic love alone. However, you can gift a box of red roses to anyone that you love. It includes your mother, father, siblings, and friends. Gifting red roses means saying ‘I love you’ to the person indirectly. So, if love is the emotion that you wish to convey, opt for red roses.

2. Yellow

Yellow is the color of delight and joy. Thus, creating a feeling of warmth and happiness. If you want to take part in someone’s joyous events in life or want to convey it to them just how happy you are with them, you should opt for gifting yellow roses. Again, ‘someone’ does not have to be your significant other. From your neighbors to instructors, many people can make your life happier than it already is. And to thank them for this positivity in your life, you can gift yellow roses.

3. Lavender

gifting lavender roses to someone

Many people think that roses are only available in 2-3 primary colors, including red, yellow, and white. However, that is not the case. And another color available is lavender. Although you won’t find people gifting lavender roses to someone that often but it holds a very magical meaning. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment. Lavender rose has long been associated with royalty.

Lavender roses would be a perfect gift for anyone who holds a special place in your life or to someone you wish to feel special.

4. Green

Most of you would have guessed what green symbolizes. And if not, then green roses are for energy and renewal of life as green is the color of life. People usually consider gifting green roses if someone recovered from a disease. Recovering from illness means that the sufferer is getting a new life. Hence, green roses.

5. Pink


Whenever you wish to show your appreciation and gratitude towards someone, opt for gifting pink roses. Pink roses symbolize admiration, grace, and elegance. Now that you know consider gifting pink roses to someone you owe a thank you to next time. As giving thank you cards is too mainstream.

Final Word

You should consider gifting a box of roses whenever you want to convey a message. Do not think that people do not value the gift of flowers. Many people think so because flowers do not seem that expensive. However, they are. Apart from that, roses would bring a smile on anyone’s face who receives them as a gift. And what is better than being a reason behind someone’s smile?

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