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5 Reasons You Should Consider Virtual Therapy Sessions

Many people avoid therapy because of one simple question: does my insurance cover therapy? While every plan is different, most health plans do include mental health coverage, and that can include virtual therapy sessions as well. With COVID-19 in full-effect and restrictions in place on a nationwide basis, virtual therapy sessions might be your only option. 

Are virtual therapy sessions effective? How are they different? Let’s take a closer look at one of the newest trends in mental health and see if it’s the right fit for you. Here are five reasons to consider virtual therapy sessions.

1. They’re Effective


Some people hold reservations about online counseling services, and this is understandable. After all, virtual meetings seem to lack something, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective at helping you through your mental health struggles. You won’t be meeting in-person but you’ll still be discussing the same topics with a certified therapist in the same manner you would be at the office.

Whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or some other mental health condition, sometimes you simply can’t navigate it alone. Meeting once per week with an online counselor can make you feel more connected to the world during social distancing while still getting the help you need.

Don’t shy away from online counseling because of unfounded assumptions. If you feel you need help, seek it out so you aren’t consumed by the symptoms of your mental health condition. This can be a difficult time to handle a mental health condition, so get help if you need it!

2. Social Distancing Demands It

Obviously, with social distancing guidelines in place, some services are simply unavailable in-person. In fact, many medical facilities are only accepting emergencies or urgent health conditions. You probably don’t want to visit an office anyway; being exposed to all of the germs in a waiting room and the people around you.

Why do we practice social distancing, anyway? Social distancing helps reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19 by allowing space between people and their respiratory droplets. COVID-19 can live in respiratory droplets, which can be passed through the air via coughing, sneezing, and more. Maintaining a six-foot distance allows those droplets to fall to the ground before they end up on someone’s clothes, skin, or breathed into their lungs.

3. Convenience

online therapy

Even if COVID-19 wasn’t a factor, some people simply don’t like the feeling of sitting in an office or traveling to one, and that’s ok. The convenience of online therapy means you can meet with your counselor from anywhere; home, the office, the beach, or your favorite coffee shop. The internet has made the world so much more connected, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t utilize the technology for our mental health.

So, if you’re someone who’s shy, nervous, or who simply doesn’t care for the bland walls and outdated magazines of the office waiting room, try online therapy instead.

4. More Comfortable Environment

In order for therapy to be effective, you need to feel comfortable with your environment. It’s hard enough to trust a total stranger with your most personal problems, let alone sitting in an environment that makes you anxious. With online counseling, you can attend your session from anywhere, giving you maximum control over your environment and your comfort levels.

Not feeling like getting out of bed today? You can have your session from the comfort of your pillows. On vacation? No problem. Grab a spot at the beach and connect with your counselor for a productive session.

A more comfortable environment will help you feel at ease, and more likely to discuss difficult topics. We’ve all been to an office that made us feel uncomfortable. How can you possibly make progress if there’s a pervasive sense of discomfort in your brain?

5. Greater Flexibility

online counseling

Finally, online counseling offers great flexibility for those with difficult schedules. Not everyone has the time or even the means to make an office visit every week, but we’ve all got at least an hour per week to spare for an online meeting. If you’re living by an unconventional schedule, online therapy is the perfect solution to time constraints, and you don’t even have to travel anywhere!

The Bottom Line

All of us should be taking our mental health more seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crises have a way of exacerbating pre-existing conditions and symptoms, and there’s plenty of anxiety and stress to go around due to the virus. Managing stress and taking control of your mental health might just mean the difference between getting out of this crisis intact and losing yourself to the dread.

Consider online therapy as a viable alternative to in-person visits. You’ll get the care you need with the convenience you require, and you’ll be much healthier and happier for it.

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