5 Benefits of Online Counselling That You Should Know

Benefits of Online Counselling

This is one of the most trying times in the history of humanity. We are all affected mentally and emotionally. It is sometimes difficult to cope with the stress. Usually, we visit a counselor or therapist physically, but now it is advisable not to step out. Which is why, online counseling can be of great help. Read on to find out more about it.

What is Online Counselling?

Online counseling refers to therapy which is provided through the internet, through chats, email and video calls/conferencing. This service is for people belonging to all age groups, and genders, to work through any mental health related issues. You can search for an online counselor on BetterHelp, other sites, or by yourself.

Online counseling benefits

There are some major benefits of online counseling, as compared to traditional counseling. They are: 

1. Easy accessibility

Easy accessibility of Online Counselling

As most people have access to the internet through their mobiles and wi0fi connection, online counseling is much more accessible. People living in remote areas can receive help for their mental and emotional problems, behavioral issues, depression, and more. It is very convenient for people who are unable to move out of their homes independently, due to disability or age. 

2. Flexible timing

A big advantage of online counseling is that you and your therapist can work out the time which is suitable to you, which could be during the day or in the evening. It is easier to schedule appointments for online counseling than traditional counseling.

Online counseling can also branch out to teletherapy i.e. therapy via your phone, and it could be through texting as well as calls. Everyone can benefit from online counseling, as it is offered by experts who are licensed and know how to resolve issues objectively. 

3. Affordable

online counseling session

The online counseling sessions’ fee is more affordable than traditional therapy. It is actually more economical for the therapists as well, as they do not have to rent a physical space. Other overheads are much lower too, so your fee is reduced. Then again, you save on the time and money on commuting to the therapist. Even if your health insurance does not cover therapy or counseling, online counseling makes it possible for you to get treatment. 

4. No social stigma

Online counseling has been a success due to the factor of privacy too. As people do not have to visit the therapist, they do not have to meet or acknowledge others of their need for therapy. Thus, online counseling has eliminated the stigma associated with therapy.

The client does not feel uneasy about sharing the details of his problem sitting in his own home, and thus the root of the problem can be diagnosed and resolved. The therapist is kind of an invisible helper in front of whom you can express yourself honestly. 

5. Varied form of communication

Varied form of communication

The form of communication is not only through video chatting, but also in written form such as email, chat and IM services. Experts believe that when you write in a crisis, then it helps in the healing process.

Thus, intervention through modes of writing helps clients to express themselves in a thoughtful manner. The written records are also useful for future discussions, as it is useful to have a reference point to start the current assessment.

Final Words

However, if you have some serious psychiatric illness, or overwhelming addiction, then online counseling may not be enough, and you might have to opt for traditional counseling. Do check if the online therapist has the license and credentials to help you with your issues, and has the proper legal documentation to guide you in your country or state.

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