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6 Unmistakable Signs You Need to Change Your counselor

The relationship with your therapist is a sacred one, as you reveal your innermost secrets. It is quite unique as it is very personal, and yet it is professional as well. Sometimes, this relationship is not the one that you imagined. There is dissatisfaction in you and you feel you are not reaching anywhere. Even though you may have revealed very personal things to your therapist, you can still change your therapist. Here we will list a few signs which indicate that you might have to change your therapist.

Signs that you need to change your therapist 

1. Therapy leaves you disappointed

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One of the most telling signs that your therapy is not working out is that you leave the sessions feeling disappointed. You cannot expect to see major changes initially, but even after a few sessions if you do not feel good about yourself, and do not see any hope of improvement then you definitely should rethink your therapist.

Therapy releases deep inner feelings, but after the session, you should feel happier and not depressed. Sites like BetterHelp can help in your search for another therapist .

2. You have a confrontation with your therapist

Your therapist is supposed to keep his cool even if you have a disagreement. It might be that you have some issues which you do not want to face. And if your therapist forces you to accept something, or if he refuses to agree with you, things can get heated.

If the disagreement is not worked out, you will definitely feel awkward in the next session. If things continue in this vein, then it is a sign that you should start looking for another therapist. 

3. You do not see any improvement

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You cannot expect a miracle and see a vast difference in yourself in a short time. It is important to give time to your therapist, and to follow his lead. But if you do not see any direction in the therapy, or find it aimless and there is no progression toward your goal, then you have to reconsider your therapist. 

4. You feel judged

In therapy, you have to be completely honest. If you are not able to express yourself freely and honestly, because you feel judged, or for some other reason, then the sessions will not help you. A good therapist never makes a client feel uneasy, self-conscious or awkward. If you are embarrassed to share your experiences and feelings, then it is time to find a different therapist. 

5. Your therapist is unreliable

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Your therapist is the one person in your life that you expect stability from. He or she should always be on time, and not keep you waiting. The office should not be disorganized and messy, and he should not be distracted by phone calls or messages during sessions. The complete focus during the session has to be on you, and you alone. If that is not the case then you should look for a better match. 

6. There are communication issues

Do you feel that there is a gap in what you are conveying and what is being understood? Or you feel misunderstood, or your therapist does not have empathy for you. Sometimes, he or she may be talking more about their experiences, or about other patients, which is a strict no-no. A therapist who talks too much is definitely not a good match for you.

Another major sign that you need a change of therapist, is that physical and emotional boundaries are crossed. The therapist should never take advantage of your vulnerability and if any other relationship develops other than between a patient and therapist, then you should find another therapist for sure.

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