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Green Odyssey: 21 impressive electric bikes heralding green power

Green Odyssey

For those looking for a practical daily transport medium, nothing can be more comforting than an electric bike. To make eco-commutation a viable reality, designers, DIYers and commoners as well have devised some great concepts and actual products, from time to time, which are inspiring enough to ask anyone to go in for. Here, we are listing some of these impressive electric bikes that harness green power:

1) Ninja Electric Bike

ninja electric bike

The classy electric bike comes with a 36-volt motor-battery and makes use of regenerative braking. Powerful front brakes and front suspension ensure safety and comfort.

Price: $1000.

Where to buy: Top Electric Bikes.

2) Catalina Cruiser Electric Bicycle

catalina cruiser electric bicycle

The sturdy electric cruiser has an impressive range of up 40 miles, a top speed of 20 mph under motor power only, and if you pedal, it can go much faster. It has a lockable, detachable battery integrated into the bike’s frame. To ensure a comfortable ride, it comes with a front shock absorbing suspension, spring loaded seat post and extra comfortable large seat.

Price: $1,199.00.

Where to buy: The Electric Vehicle Factory.

3) Giant Twist Freedom DX electric bicycle

giant twist freedom dx electric bike

The Giant Twist Freedom DX does 75 miles on battery and human power. Just to satisfy the rider, the motor runs on three different modes (Eco, Normal and Sport).

Price: $2,000.

Where to buy: Giant.

4) The 2009 Obtibike OB1


The Optibike OB1 is an electric/manual hybrid designed by award winning bike designer Jim Turner. The 2009 model has a lithium-ion battery for two hours pedal-free commuting in the toughest of terrains. The other features include ultra light carbon fiber components, state of the art GPS navigation and a fully integrated PDA that displays all of the performance details of the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB).

Price: $13,000.

Where to buy: Optibike.

5) Yike Electric Bike

yike bike

The YikeBike foldable, weighs 22lbs, and is a rather small-sized electric bicycle with a carbon fiber frame, and a 20-inch front wheel. Its front wheel holds a 1.2kW motor that can take the bike to a top speed of 12.5mph. The lithium phosphate batteries does six miles for a 30 minutes of charging time. Its life is approximated at 1000 charges.

Price: $4860

Where to buy: YikeBike.

6) Elmoto Electric Bike

elmoto electric bike

The Elmoto has a 2kw motor to power the bike for up to 65km at a top speed of 45kmph on a full charge. The bike’s aluminum frame weighs just 45kgs. Charging its lithium-ion batteries is quite economical since it costs $1 only.

Price: $5700.

Where to buy: Elmoto

7) E-Zip 2008 Trailz bike

eztrailz big

The E-Zip 2008 Trailz bike by Currie Technologies comes with an impressive electric motor that draws juice from lead-acid batteries. The charge lasts for 20-25 miles in the toughest of terrains. The battery can be detached for charging at a cafe or an office. Slight pedaling increases its speed up to 25 mph.

Price: $449.

Where to buy: Walmart.Com

8) Self-stabilizing Bike

self stabilizing bike

The designers at Keio University in Yokohama, Japan, are designing this self-stabilizing bike with a sophisticated, high-performance regular bicycle. The electric bike will have a motor to control the handlebars plus the rear wheel, a gyro-sensor and LED/camera to give feedback to the system. The fully digital bike takes care of the gyro-movement of the machine and makes it perfectly easy for the commuter to ride it without attending those training sessions.

9) Zweistil variable frame electric bike

zweistil compact bike

The Zweistil Variable frame electric bike is undoubtedly a fresh concept that you would fall in love with at very first sight. Dainiel Knuepfer and Stefan Wallmann have introduced this concept bike with an adjustable frame.

10) Cykel

green electric bike 1

Brian Mcallister has designed a plug-in electric bike for the University of Washington Design Show 2009. Designated with the name Cykel, it has a system design that caters to a wide range of users and topographies. It has a sharing system of the plug-in electric bicycles that are capable of being charged when plugged into the docks. The Cykel comes with an electric mode, which provides convenience to the users while riding through steep slopes and rough terrains, and all those nature lovers can pedal their way making use of the pedal power.

11) Sanyo’s new Eneloop bikes

green electric bike 2

Hailed as the world’s first electric bike with a carbon frame, the CY-SPK227 ably carries you through 100 km for a 3.5-hour charge. Moreover, it operates on a Power Reserve Mode, has a Central Controller with backlit LCD, vibration-reduction body design and a 5.7 Ah lithium-ion battery.

12) db0 concept bike

db0 concept bike

ROBRADY design and DK City have come up with their db0 concept folding electric bicycle at Eurobike ’09 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Since it’s a compact, space-saving contraption, it’s wholly collapsible to smaller dimensions. The folding bike gets back to its normal position when expanded. Moreover, it’s all-important portability adds a sure visual value to it. Scheduled for a release in the Q1 of 2010 along with two other bikes, it will flaunt some patent-pending features. Hoping to protect and preserve the planet for future generations, it will go on to promote clean transportation for sure.

13) WINORA town:exp E-bike

winoratown exp

Alex Thusbass and Lutz Kucher have designed the WINORA town:exp, a 20-inch e-bike powered by a TransX PST system with a 250W electric motor, integrated in the rear hub, a 11Ah lithium-polymer battery, which is placed in the waterproof and lockable battery case at the rear of the bike. Other features include Shimano DEORE 9-gear shifting, Tektro AurigaE hydraulic disc brakes, head shock suspension system with 35mm travel, five spoke 20” die cast rims and no fast locks to prevent your town:exp from component theft. Ready to hit the shelves in the beginning of 2010, the introduction retail price will be €1999 and the regular price will be €2199.

14) Grasshoper: Foldable electric bike concept

grasshoper foldable electric bike

The “Grasshoper” by David Gonçalves is a foldable electric bike that users can carry as a trolley when not in use. The city bike is compact and can be recharged inside your home. Winner of the “merit prize” in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition – Taiwan 2008, the Grasshoper is the perfect bike for any city dweller. It’ll help in countering traffic congestion on jam-packed streets and highways in an urban environment.

15) Toto Electric Bike

toto electric bike

Germany-based Toto Design has created a new electric bike design inspired by the insect, and lends the bike the Mosquito name. Drawing power from lithium-ion batteries, the bike can reach a top speed of 31mph and has a maximum range of about 37 miles. The electric motor is housed in the bike’s body and the center pole is removable to support any rider of any size.

16) Genesis EV-X7: the electric future-cruiser

ev x7

Designed by the Axle Group, the EV-X7 is an electric street bike with a 92mph top speed and a range of up to 110 miles.

Price: $2100.

Where to buy: Not available as of now.

17) 50cycles Can-Do 3.0 folding electric bicycle

can do 3

The ultra-light electric bike comes with a 24V 8Ah lithium-ion removable battery. The maximum assisted speed is 15.5mph for a 90 kg rider. It touts a height-adjustable saddle, 20-inch alloy frame and V-brakes at front and rear.

Price: Pre-order price £895 and £945 when fully launched.

18) Sunny Day compact solar electric bike concept

sunny day compact solar electric bike

The Sunny Day compact solar electric bicycle design by Larry Chen features an adjustable streamlined solar panel on the front stem. It recently received the Grand Prize in the 12th annual International Bicycle Design Competition.

19) Amur Leopard

amur leopard electric bike concept

The Amur Leopard by Ryan McGinley is a perfect electric bike with a space for a laptop case under the seat. There is also a built-in navigational/communication device for those who prefer texting while on the move.

20) DIY electric bike made from junk

bike from junk

Tony Parker the DIYer made himself an electric bike from junk found around his place. Further, he built a charging station as well. To make his bike truly “green,” the station gets power from the sun and wind. The bike is powered by a 2.5kW 48Volt electric motor that gets a top speed of 50mph.

21) DIY Honda Electric Assist

honda electric assist

Santa Cruz repair person Geoff Bjorgan converted a 1986 Honda motorcycle into an electric, pedal-assist bike. The 120 lb. machine cruises at 21 mph with a 10-speed transmission. It took him about two months to transform it from a wreck to an enviable piece of creation. Its pedals are Diamondback Bigfoots, the headlight is an old oil lamp from a hearse and the electric motors are Electrohomes from Weird Stuff Warehouse, which wind up to 36,000 rpm.

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