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Top 12 futuristic vehicles for a three-wheeled green ride

Consumer desires have shifted in recent years with an increased interest in environmental impact and a desire for better fuel economy. To address the same, the auto industry and designers are leaving no stone unturned to come up with innovative and unusual green cars. One such example is a three-wheeled car. Designers are on the hunt for solutions that work on alternate fuel while occupying less space, and three-wheeled cars seem to be a great option. Here are the 12 best eco-friendly concept cars that run on three wheels.

• Peugeot +:

Designer: David Vargas

Peugeot + is a fusion of a scooter and car designed to save the environment. It runs on a small electric motor that emits zero carbon emissions. Aesthetically good looking, this green concept is a two-seater with two wheels in the front giving extra stability. In addition, its petite form allows for an easy drive on congested urban roads. So bid adieu to parking hassles, as it can squeeze in between other vehicles with ease.

• Mo Ville:

mo ville
Designer: Woo-Ram Lee

Woo-Ram Lee has conceptualized the car of the future. His creation called the MoVille incorporates a tear-shaped capsule over an electric drive train with three magnetic ball wheels providing frictionless motion through electromagnets. It is made from unpainted biodegradable plastic and its unique form factor allows it to integrate a second sliding door with integrated photovoltaic solar cells, which can recharge the car’s batteries. What may really interest you about this one-seater is its capability of recognizing its owner. It is programmed with an artificial intelligence, which helps it open doors for its owner. The list of its unique features doesn’t end there: it flaunts features like proximity sensors, cameras, GPS and sporting a sliding window door. The MoVille incorporates a self-driving feature in which it can drive and park automatically.

• The Bio Top:

bio top
Designer: Luis Pinheiro de Lima

Here is a car that takes us to a greener future. The concept is capable of generating green electricity that too without the addition of expensive renewable energy harnessing systems. Equipped with three wheels, it utilizes wireless electricity technology to transfer electricity, which is generated by the car’s rear spherical wheel, to recharge the vehicle’s on-board battery as it moves. Apart from boasting its unique interiors, the Bio Top features a hand-controlled speed and stop system located in the steering column.



BMW, a name known for its quality craftsmanship is out with a low emission vehicle concept. Dubbed the “Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transportation,” the car is equipped with a special engine that runs on compressed natural gas and spits out half the CO2 of standard gas guzzlers. Not only is the three-wheeler interestingly designed but it is also expected to be super economical and emission-free.

• The MAG magnetic vehicle concept:

the mag
Designer: Matus Prochaczka

Winner of the unseen technology award at the Interior Motives design awards 2007, the MAG magnetic vehicle concept blends magnetic power with an electric engine. The magnetic effect will produce an upward force, which can lighten 50% of the vehicle’s weight. It has a ring bearing system that helps in producing electric traction directly by the back tires. The seats feature a range frame coated by 3mesh dense net that consists of two nets, joined together by fibers running perpendicular to their surface.

• Peugeot Q:

peugeot q
Designer: Juan Trillo

The Peugeot Q is a two-seat small hatchback that is powered by a lithium-ion engine. It has a free spherical rear wheel that allows the concept to spin 360 degrees, making it easier to park and drive in congested city lanes. The two front wheels are combined with the engine to give the car the ability to change direction based on the transmitted velocity. The car is designed to be petite and lightweight in order to conserve energy.

• The 3Wheeler:

the 3wheeler
Designer: Daniel Julier

Here is a stunning three-wheeled vehicle concept, which keeps the environmental aspects in mind and runs on hydrogen tank and fuel cells. Despite the compact design, its clean and sleek shape makes quite a style statement. This green car has a single wheel at the rear end and offers a 1+1 seat design. In case a seat is not being used, it can be compressed to give a larger storage space.

• The Caravela:

the caravela
Designer: Andre Fangueiro

This three-wheeled concept derives inspiration from the Piaggio Ape. While designing the Caravela, the designer aimed at creating a highly efficient car that does not compromise on looks. It propels at a speed of 70kmph and is powered by a zero-emission hydrogen engine. Adding to the efficiency is the lightweight material that will go into its making. Its compact size makes it a boon for congested urban highways.

• The Electropositive:

the electropositive
Designer: Ionut Predescu

This three-wheeled electric concept is exclusively designed for the green commuters. The vehicle has an en-suited electric motor that draws juice from transparent photovoltaic panels enveloping the entire body. It provides you with an added safety with a carbon fiber exoskeleton and an impressive center of gravity stabilizer. The vehicle works on the principle of gravitational drag since the electro-hydraulic servo decides the enormity of swing. Pulling the handlebar toward the rider and releasing it produces the reclining effect wherein the vehicle leans and then regains its balance.

• The Z.CAR:

z car

Designer: Zaha Hadid

One of the most interestingly designed of these cars is the Z.CAR, which is hydrogen powered, giving you a perfect green ride. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the concept uses hinged rear suspension to facilitate a speed adjustable wheelbase so the car can be perfect at both country and city driving. It has a sleek and lightweight carbon-fiber composite body with improved aerodynamics.

• Nanus:

Designer: David Vega

Here is a three-wheeled vehicle that flaunts its dynamic and reliable design. David Vega has come up with an electric version of a three-wheeler for personal use that is not only small and lightweight but economical as well. The two-seater city car not only boasts its green credentials but also its sleek and stunning looks. Its petite body gives it easy parking convenience.

• The Peugeot RD Concept:

the peugeot rd concept
Designer: Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar

The Peugeot RD Concept blends the sensation of a three-wheeled scooter with the driving pleasure of a saloon car. This eco-friendly electric motor concept offers a high road-holding ability with ease of use in congested traffic. It also features panoramic all-around visibility and has other features including voice-message driving assistance and a heads-up display system that gives all the information required for traveling in complete safety.

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