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Birthday Party Themes for Your Toddler

Birthday Party Themes for Your Toddler

A toddler’s birthday is always a special moment for parents. Tiny tots are always the apple of the eyes of their family hence they are treated with extra love and affection. All the parents wish to throw a gala party for their toddler by inviting other sweet little kids with their parents. Gathering and managing a large number of kids of similar age is indeed a doting task, but if the party is arranged according to a theme and all invited parents are requested to follow the theme then the party could be talk of the town.

Here are few suggestions for the birthday party theme of your toddler-

  • Cinderella party – If your tiny tot is a little baby girl, then this is the best option you go for. Dress your princess like Cinderella and get the tiered cake with lots of vanilla, strawberry and cherries over it. You can suggest the invited guests to dress their kids in the dresses of prince and princess so that you can have a grand ‘ballroom party’ with little ones.
  • Clown party – It could be a laugh riot for all. All kids dressed like clowns would definitely give elders a reason to smile. Your toddler should be dressed with a big clown hat and a big nose to give the proper clown look. You can even incorporate your comic ideas to make the invites and the goodies bag. Even the cake can be made in the shape of a clown’s face.
  • Disco party – This is one of the most common themes of toddlers parties as it is very exciting for the parents to dress their little ones in sparkling disco dress inspired by the 70’s. You can give your kid a look of any famous disco dancer from the era and may also ask the other invited kids to dress as per their choice. Light up the venue with the disco lights and give an ambiance of the discotheque by playing some groovy music.
  • Beach party – Good for summers, this party is most suited for outdoors. Not necessary to go to a beach, but you can give a beach look to your terrace or garden. Put a baby swimming pool full of water in the open area and create some sand dunes for more exotic beach view. Ask the invited kids to dress in beach wear and let them play with splashes of water.

There are many more birthday party themes for the toddlers that can be selected as per your budget, venue and most importantly as per your kids’ convenience.

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