Personal reasons behind the bond between parents and kids

reasons behind the bond between parents and kids

It is human nature to create mutually advantageous bonds for physical as well as mental well-being. Some ties are unbreakable like that of a parent and a child and both of them benefit equally from carefully nurturing the relationship. Bonding with your children will not only increase your feeling of protectiveness towards your child but also attract their attention and affection, which will be beneficial in the long run.

Easy Parenting

If you share a strong bond with your child then it will be easier for you to care for them. Children will be more receptive to the parent’s attention and obedient too. Creating a bond will also help you understand your child better and address its needs appropriately. Answering a child’s endless questions may be frustrating but as the child grows and enters his/her teens, they will seek you first for any queries they may have rather than be misled by friends or strangers. It will help you smother the rebellious streaks that growing kids generally have.

Healthy Upbringing

Children that share a strong bond with their parents have a lot of self-confidence and feel secure. They are emotionally mature and resilient. Good bond has long-term hormonal effects as it reduces heart risks, and reduction in blood pressure among adults. Good bonding with children helps parents to experience intense relationships and love other persons. This will largely change your perception towards people and those around you, which in turn will keep you in good humor and stress-free.

Caring for children releases oxytocin, which is a “feel good” hormone that increases one’s ability to be content and care for others. This hormone is generally released in mother’s who are breast-feeding, but are found to be released in equal measures among fathers too.

Effects on the Long Term

A strong bond with children will benefit you for the rest of your life, as your kids will continue to stay close to you even after they move out and start their own families. A strong parent-child bond ensures attachment throughout the lifetime and your children will stand up for you during your tough times and periods of illness too. This will greatly affect your quality of life in your elderly years. In addition, your children and their children that are your extended family will look up to you and look after you with the same affection and care.

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