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Tips to balance parenting and work from home

Working from home would be a dream-come-true if you have kids as you can stay at home with kids while pursuing a career. However, someone who is pursuing his/her career in this arrangement will be aware of the difficulty of maintaining a balance between work and children. Following a strict schedule is not always possible, but simple arrangements can ease the process a great deal.

Time Management

Managing your time well will resolve many complex issues for you. Technology has made many jobs very easy. for instance, you can conduct meeting via online chat or video conferencing, send emails telephonic conferences etc. in fact, a large part of work can be done using a smartphone or tablet rather than sit in front of a desktop. Children have regular nap times and parent can utilize this time to complete a large portion of his/her work. In case of a busy day when your schedule is hectic, you can even hire a babysitter for the duration. A household calendar will help you balance your work, household chores and child.

Make the Right Choice

There will be times when you will have to make tough choices. You may have to say no to work or draw lines on how much time you are willing to invest on a task. There will be instances when you will have to give up lucrative projects, but you have to be prepared to make these tough choices on the onset. Also making commitments wisely will also help you beat stress.

Depend on Your Partner’s Support

Parenting requires support and your depending on your partner to shoulder the responsibility along with you is required so that you can take a break. When cork and looking after the children becomes hard to juggle, you can ask your partner to take a day off or take the kids out for a while. Partners should work together and support one another to avoid frustrations. You can divide the workload, including who will cook the meal or clean-up.

Keeping the Kids Occupied

Keep your kids busy with games or books in a healthy manner. Leaving the television on may be an easy choice to make, but it can get the kids addicted. Ensure that you have child-proofed the house as there will be times when you will be preoccupied with work and may not be able to pay attention towards them.


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