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How night shift working deteriorates parent-child relationship

It is very true that night shift working has advantages such as less supervision and higher pay but its demerits are much more. Working in the graveyard shift can get too tiring no wonder employees often experience brain drain owing to the monotonous style of their job. Due to this odd working shift, one has to make compromises in his/her life. In this fast-paced world, employees often bemoan that working in such odd hours has resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle and above all robbed them of their social life.

Parents turn cranky

Sleeping in wacky hours along with making one less effective and tired also makes them cranky. The negative points associated with working in the night shift comprise of health risks, boredom and the unavailability of time for enjoying life. All these factors combined makes one turn cranky. Shifts generally play havoc with one’s natural clock, no wonder they experience mood swings. The fatigue and stress of working overnight can lead to spillover effect. Such an effect takes place when the strain and pressure of working late night spill over into a social relationship particularly children. Parents often take out their pressure and stress on their kids that takes a toll on the relationship.

No parent-child bonding

Employment in big companies does not always bring with it ample wiggle room. These days, working in the night shift have become common for many, and the similar is to work on weekends for long stretches of time. Such jobs can make upholding the rest of one’s life a challenge. Especially those who have children at home, working on the wacky hours, especially during weekends can result in spending quality time along with them difficult. Since they work in the night shift, they are bound to take a nap during the day.

On the other hand, children remain awake during the day and sleep at night. This creates a little window for parents to interact with their little one. Further, parents have more tendencies to argue over tasks as well as well as other responsibilities provided they are not working at the same scheduled time. The most frightening part is children are likely to follow this discontent, which will ultimately strain their bonding with their parents. Although parents can provide financial support to their kids by working in the night shift but on the contrary the kids are deprived emotionally.

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