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Tips to make your children more responsible with right parenting skills

Raising responsible children is very challenging for every parent, as it requires a lot of discipline. To ensure that children cultivate accountable without being too harsh can be a challenge but beneficial to the child and parent in the long run. There are some tough parenting decisions that have to be taken to ensure that child grows to be responsible for his/her actions.

Catch them when they are young

Waiting for the child to act irresponsibly before teaching them to be responsible is unwise and fruitless. You must train them to be responsible for their actions from the time they are young children. Children observe parent’s actions very closely and hence if you show irresponsibility they learn it from you. Hence, the parent has to conduct him/herself very responsibly. Ensure that you spend a lot of time with you child so s/he can observe your actions and learn from it.


There is a popular saying, “spare the rod and spoil the child”. There will be times when you will have to be harsh with your child for his/her own good. You will have to set boundaries and be ‘bad’. There must be zero tolerance for bad behavior and a fear of consequences must be created through punishments so that the child thinks before s/he acts. You can discipline your child by ensuring they participate in team sports, where they learn to conduct themselves responsibly or assist in household tasks so that they watch and learn from your actions.

Making the Right Choices

You can apply your parenting skills to help children make the right choice. Ensure that you present strict choice in front of kids and not open ones that can leave them indecisive. Ensure that child understands the consequences of the choice they make through games, puzzles or stories. You can even reward your child occasionally for making a responsible choice.

Work Ethics

Work ethics will teach children responsibility. Assign them simple chores that can be put up on a chore list on the refrigerator or any place that will serve as a constant reminder. Do not reward you child for completing the chore, as this will appear as a trade rather than responsibility in front of the child. You can make some of the chores fun, for instance they are supposed to build a snowman instead of shoveling the sidewalk etc. Teach your child to understand that all work is important and the importance of taking pride in it and doing it correctly.


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