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Raul Lemesoff Knowledge attack

<![CDATA[Libraries remind you of books and peace of mind. There is nothing that can match the unique ambience that a library with only the ruffling of pages and few undertone murmurs. In addition, to the serenity and wide variety of books that it offers to book lovers, there are some examples of the unique and unusual libraries in the world.

Books by the sea

Image Source : I.DailyMail.Co.Uk

Large bookshelves with some of the best books were set up by Ikea on the Bondi Beach in Sydney. The occasion was the 30th anniversary of its Billy bookcases. This definitely is a nice way of reading books with the refreshing breeze of the beach.

The Knowledge attack

Raul Lemesoff Knowledge attack

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The Ford Falcon reminds Argentina of some of the worst years in the history of the nation. However, Raul Lemesoff with his artistic skills has converted the same into a unique mobile library which makes it possible for people to not just Buenos Aires but other small towns as well who do not have access to good libraries.

All for the kids

Image Source : Oedb.Org

An absolute masterpiece created especially for pre-schoolers of Iwaki in Japan is the Picture book library. This absolute marvellous and colourful masterpiece makes sure that the book covers are visible and kids just love it. Similarly, the My Treehouse library in Singapore is a lovely place where children can find plenty of books on forests.

The nomadic library

Image Source : Unaff.Org

The Kenya National Library Service since the year 1985 has appointed travelling librarians. Camels carry books to the nomadic tribes in Kenya. They also have camping material with them so that they can camp and rest when they are tired. The main objective of this library is to supply books to the people who do not have access to books.

The Eco-friendly library

Image Source :  BrokeTourist.Net

The Taipei Public Library in Beitou in Taiwan has been given a diamond rating for being the eco-friendliest library. It has used wood for constructing the building. Power is generated by using photovoltaic cells. The roof has a thick layer of soil which gives protection from the sun’s heat. It also has facilities for collecting rainwater which is used in the toilets. It definitely is nature-friendly structure. In addition, it also has a good collection of books.

Men are truly innovative. When he puts his thinking capacity for good things it gives shape to some of the finest things. These unusual libraries are the best examples of this man’s innovative thinking. These libraries are definitely some of the best things to happen to mankind.]]>

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