Tips to discipline your kids without resorting to spanks

discipline your kids without resorting to spanks

Our first response to a particularly bad deed by our child would be to spank him/her. However, we can discipline our kid in many other ways without resorting to spanks. Here are five such approaches that can help you out in this matter.

Natural Consequences

Sometimes, let nature takes its course and teach your kids what happens if they do something wrong. For instance, if they leave their toys out in the garden instead of bringing them in, the latter might get ruined in the sun/rain or get lost. This way, your child will come to understand the repercussions he/she would have to face for his/her wrong actions.

Refuse Privileges

You may not know it, but a kid values some particular things than others. Refusing these so-called privileges would therefore discipline them. For instance, you can cancel an evening at the park or the visit to the ice cream parlor if your kid continues to misbehave. This would surely make him/her stop his/her tantrums and listen to you.


Sometimes all your kid needs from a particularly nasty tantrum is some distraction. For instance, if your child is playing with a ball inside the house, you can suggest playing outside in the open space. Keep the distraction exciting, enticing and close enough to the activity he/she insists on doing. This way, you can stop him/her from doing something bad and shift his/her focus into doing something else.


Point them in the right direction and some kids would follow suit. Set positive examples as a parent and teach your kids how to learn new behaviors from past mistakes. For instance, if your kid leaves his/her toys outside and they get ruined, you can show him/her what he/she could do to protect the toys next time onwards. Opt for ‘Do this instead’ instead of ‘Don’t do that’.

Points and Rewards

This usually works with many kids who find it easier to display positive behavior if they are promised rewards in the end. For instance, you can take him/her to the ice cream parlor if he/she finishes her homework in time. A simple praise can also do wonders in reinforcing positive behavior in your kid.

You can also opt for a points system wherein your award points for good behavior and take them back for bad behavior. Accumulated points can then be traded in for appropriate rewards.


It does not necessarily require spanking for you to discipline your kid. These pointers would help you achieve the same without raising your hand at your child. You can try out these techniques individually or combine them to see which one works better for your kids.

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