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The cookware compatible with induction cooktops

<![CDATA[Induction cooktops are getting popular in different parts of the world. It has already become a proud part of kitchens. Cooking in induction cooktops is preferred because it is convenient; there is no smoke and no use of gas or any other fuel. Since such cooktops are portable, it can be carried anywhere and if there is electricity, food can be cooked on it comfortably.

There is another crucial aspect to induction cooktops. Not all cookware work on induction cooktop. You will have to buy cookware that is fit for induction cooking. Though some manufacturers might claim their wares to be induction cooktop friendly, all might not be. So it is better if you check them well before buying cookware for your induction cooktop.

The magnet test

This is an easy and quick way to find if the cookware can be used on an induction cooktop or not. The cookware suitable for induction cooktop should have a metal base that has magnetic properties. Place a magnet on the base of the cookware and if the magnet sticks to the base, then it is definitely suitable to be used on induction cooktop. So, if you are going cookwares shopping for your induction cooktop, then do carry a small magnet with you.

Opt for individual pieces rather than a whole set

It is up to the personal choice of the buyers if they want to buy the whole cookware set or just separate pieces for their induction cooktop. Still, it is better if you choose separate pieces because each pan might work differently on different cooktops. So, it is always better to try individual pieces.

Choosing the right material for the induction cooktop cookware

Stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum are the three materials you can check out for the induction cooktop cookware.

Stainless steel combined with aluminum metal cookware is suitable for induction cooktops. Stainless steel cookware is preferred for their strength, hardness and durability. Plus, they are non-corrosive too.

Cookware made from cast iron are the best suited for induction cooktops. Such cookware has thick and heavy base which might need more time to heat up and cool down. Cast iron cookware is also expensive but they are durable too.

Aluminium alone can’t be used for induction cooktops but cookware made from a combination of aluminium and stainless steel are available which are suitable for induction cooktops.

Summary: Not all cookware work on induction cooktop and thus it is necessary to check and find out the ones that are compatible with induction cooktops.]]>


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